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Martin in his The Interconnected Fractal Nature of Everything Causes Negative People to Lose Everything made it clear the trader version is designed for weekly fractal trading where daily fractals are his noise filter. I have received no response from my ethical request about running what I am of combining MAP Waves with Martins stuff. MAP Wave Analysis goes way beyond what Martin is doing, he is talking about a system to the weekly fractal and I am talking of a system that in theory if you can filter out noise can be brought down to a trade level. The best I have achieved is 600% in a day and to fit in with my lifestyle last year made 1000% in 3 months. Problem is controlling my emotions! Last year I took out 50% and lost 90% of the rest largely because of the second benchmark! Since being on this forum I have deliberately put it up for public scrutiny and am more than satisfied  that the rules work, and the best thing it is based on a pretty much universal theory which it looks like fractal waves are which is what Martin's system is based!

There is one fundamental difference between the two approaches - Martin has no means of measuring the wave and that is what MAP Wave Analysis does in addition to time targets (arrays) and price targets (reversals). Whenever I have previously approached Martin on this he allways said it is about rules to take out emotions. and I think I have demonstrated MAP Wave Analysis meets these criteria now, and indeed would go so far as to say that the presentations on the blog have become a lot better (gold on the private blog) as a result, and has even resulted in the first clear publication on how to trade arrays and reversals.

I want to make my motives clear to avoid malicious gossip:

1. I believe with the knowledge and experience left on this forum including Martin and his organisation, we can beat the bullies by their own rules, and instigate a peaceful transition to a better future for all. In accordance with wave superposition we have the choice to cause constructive wave superposition, and on the 306 year cycle can increase that at least another 306 years. That buys us a lot ot time to work towards the next bigger fractal superposition.

2. I believe Martin is the only person that has the possibility of averting this tanker crashing into a cliff and in whichever way I can help I will.
This I believe means that people need motivation to change -
Voters ineptitude - people absolving themselves of responsibility so they can blame others for their problems. This is the reason all past revolutions have failed and this is where education is needed to accept responsibility and take action if you expect anything back from society.
Those in power - in their failure of their duty of care in not implementing their voters direction - they should be there to vote our view and NOT PARTY VIEW OR LOBBYISTS VIEW.

3. A world of equal opportunity as opposed to equality, with a simple legal system where natural laws are accepted, informed consent is the basis, and everyone one in society takes responsibility for their obligations to society.

4. Freedom of movement and a free capitalistal market where people and organisations are held liable under the concept outlined in 2. This means If I can improve my quality of living, and I am grateful as I have a fantastic life, which means make money to buy a bigger boat or get crew as I get older or whatever I want to. People should be rewarded for trying and failure should be supported by the social system.Failure to try should not be supported by the social system.
Martin had a fantastic innovation and as a result he deserves to reap the reward of it.

4. Society should protect the innovation of individuals, and this way we can move towards a system to one in line with natural laws of humans.

Firstly thanks for sending email confirmations and the gratitude expressed is wonderful. There were many of the suggestions and webinar seems to be the way forward!

People from all over the world have responded and I have been to the Bangkok, Princeton and now Berlin conferences so we need a global solution.

As such I suggest the following;

1. We have a common goal - a reason for "being in society" and for that I propose 1 to 4 above. These we can set up as separate topic and vote where 80% must agree and the 10% extremist must accept.
2. We objectively evaluate with open minds at all times, respecting one another's view point because at that time it is true to them. It is up to each of us as individuals to find a method of communicating through discussion to get one another to accept "best available solution or facts based on best available knowledge at this point in time".
3. We are responsible for our views and thoughts and hence do not hide under anonymity. This means we learn to deal with our pride and the rants is the place for that. That area is where we vent our personal anger and make what ever attacks we want against whom ever we want. These must be understood for what they are - a view that is true to someone at that point in time. As a group we can help guide this anger into productive change. That may take different lengths of time. Anger is a natural emotion and hence we need to design our system where it can be directed into constructive change!

On Monday I am back in Kuwait and normally have a lot of time between drinking coffee and signing the odd papers to set this up.

Suggestions to include most is to do this via webinar. We just need to agree a fair time as I am in the middle of the extremes of East and West so to me it is not a major issue until May when I spend a month in Phuket, so that for some it will be the middle of the night whilst middle of the day for others.

On my blog I have video, screen sharing group chat etc and will get that sorted next week which can be used as feedback where questions, clarification etc can be used so it is not a chalk and talk....

The first thing is we need to speak the same language so suggest after introducing ourselves etc.... I go through my terminology where it can be modified to what the majority understand - simple poll 80% majority. (1 session)

Next we go through how did I come up with MAP Wave analysis - this is the foundation - Elliot wave and its short comings, Andrews pitchforks and its shortcomings, Babston action reaction theory, and what really got me started Martins fractal waves which actually tie in with EW whose theory which is incredibly badly understood and implemented even worse, Andrews pitchforks who was not aware he was actually measuring the amplitude of waves, and explaining fractal waves and how they tie in with Martins arrays and reversals. (at a guess 2 sessions)

Formalising the rules out of my head which I have so far not written down! (1 session)

This basis should give us a good foundation so that we can then go onto live trading where we implement what we have learned hopefully make a lot of money on the way!

Hopefully by that stage Martin has confidence in MAP Wave Analysis. He has a key to play in changing society as I have previously said - global reputation, software development, and money to:
1 - Add MAP Wave counting to his system (He already has EW which is not available to us) which needs a continuous statistic counter so the probabilities are clear.
2 - Add forks to the system. If you look at the projections currently made by Martin in his presentations - simply put when he has the correct pivots he shows what I call the median line. Problem..... Andrews said 80% of the time prices hit the ML...... and Martin only draws the line once pivot 1 is "confirmed (using his subjectivity), then he just takes the parallels to the lower and upper pivots to give the channel - but if you have the wrong pivots it does not work and the channel feature is no longer available on our version of drawing tools. Worse is that it is after the fact (which reduces risk). By sorting pivots I am projecting in advance with pretty high accuracy as I have demonstrated. This is the same problem with every indicator all of which are only confirmations.
3- As was with the recent consolidation in gold and the wave superposition principle - you always have options - this was in a way an excellent example, and with the probabilities you will be able to play them accordingly, and as any form of wave counting can only be confirmed retrospectively IT DOES NOT MATTER - so long as with the trade you are with the trend! This whole thing can be made into the best computerised forecasting system combining Martins arrays and reversals.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? - Simply we can beat the bullies by their own rules to give them a reason to change.

In parallel set up a global constitution where people actually vote which at best it will be the 10% extremist on either side of each issue plus whomever they can motivate - where discussion is open on a forum type based principle (gonna be chaotic until a system is refined - possibility of block votes or whatever!), and have a simple 80% majority of people who choose to participate and are motivated by the extremists that can change it.

What would make this different from past revolutions????

1. Instead of just kicking out the existing with nothing to replace it as is what has happened throughout history, there is a alternative available for grass roots to get behind - they have an answer to what change they want
2. No one person is behind it - so personalities are designed out. People are forced to take responsibility by not having anonymity and hence are responsible to others to justify their belief. This overcomes the failure of past revolutions where once the battle was over, the new persons in power failed in their duty of care which resulted from the people not fulfilling their responsibility to society.
3. It is global, based on a natural legal system - equal opportunity and informed consent.

One way or the other the whole of society pays the price!!!!!!! So let us concentrate on the productive ones that want to better their lives and pay the rest to stay out of their way with a basic social system, where they get the cast offs of those that want to better themselves. We will all ways have extremists so lets just design it into the social system.

Best of all - we can start to live with the cycles!

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