Memberships Currently Closed

Currently we are testing the course materials and web interactive software so we are not currently accepting memberships.

Please click follow and enter your email details and you will be informed once we have completed testing and accepting memberships again.

Thanks for your understanding. There is a wealth of pretty current information here already which in the things I trade are pretty current!


7 Responses to Memberships Currently Closed

  1. Tony T says:

    Hello Marc,

    I’ve registered but am not sure if there is a difference between registration and membership. I can’t seem to access the Weekly Charts. I would relish the opportunity dive into the charts to better understand your methodology. Many thanks for responding.

    Kind Regards,
    Tony Tomlinson

  2. Hans Dyrvold says:

    Thank you !
    Eger to learn

  3. Hey Marc, thanks for the analyse. Good call

  4. Hi, I’m signed up but can’t view the charts. Thanks. Jeff

  5. Joe says:

    Sent you email last week, still unable to access Map materials after login?

    Joe Coleman
    WEC 2015 attend and free forum.

  6. Siu Tsang says:

    Hi Marc,

    I wasn’t able to access anything after logging in. Please inform when I can continue to access MAP materials. I read your blogs on MA’s WEC 2015 Free Forum. I am very impressed about your analytical method and techniques. They definitely add values to MA Arrays which at times difficult to full comprehend the implications. Your charts help to clarify the situation and give a more definitive guidelines, what-if scenarios and prepare us a clearer picture to approach trading. Hope I can continue as a member to learn from you.

    Thank you very much,
    SK Tsang (user name = SKT80828)
    I am an attendee of MA’s WEC2015 Conference.

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