Traders Lodge

This area of the site is private for members only. Please help make site management easier and where ever possible I would appreciate if you:

  • Put Theory questions under the articles in the comments. They will be incorporated in future revisions and if necessary split into separate articles.
  • TL Prefix indicates more detailed analysis of symbols, currently Put comments relating to trading under the relevant chart currently TL DOW, TL SPX, TL Emaar. Intent to to add, Dollar/Euro, Gold and Silver and then as the group expands what takes peoples interest.
  •  Include questions about analysis and why and what forks show and other substantiation as to where or why you think the market may move in a certain direction. That way we can harness the power of the group to make better trading decisions!
  • For messaging system follow the link to see description and how to set your options of what messages you want to receive.
  • Follow Membership/Account and select edit to change your profile. Please use a nickname if you want anonymity because talking to email addresses is nonsense!

Anything you think may improve the site or analysis, put in the comment box where you feel improvement can be made so it can be addressed!

Thanks for your help!

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