The chart interval is the time scale of the chart that is chosen.
Each interval shows a point such as on a line chart which can be O pen, H igh, L ow or C lose or user chosen average. Often in formula you may see it as O/H/L/C.
It can be a bar where O pen is on the left, High and Low being the bar extremes and C lose being on the right. I mainly use bars as it often shows and helps in wave identification.
Candle charts generally have H and L being the wicks and the body O and C.

The interval is normally in the top left hand corner of charts along with the symbol and description.
Tick Scales


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  1. mlurski says:

    It’s time right?, time interval

  2. mlurski says:

    simply time period?

  3. mlurski says:

    Marc i will log all my comments and obersvations here. No matter what i write, please just take them as observations relative to what i understand and happen to believe. No offense will ever be intended 🙂

    “A tick is the time scale of the chart that is chosen” – its my experience that a “tick” when referring to charts is generally understood to be – tick charts are based on a certain number of transactions per bar – so already from my perspective you are using a term that is already used by the industry to mean something other than the way you use it – causes immediate confusion for me 🙂

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