Sliding Parallels

Sliding parallels (SP)are when you move the fork to a pivot you choose as a means of measuring the amplitude of a cycle if prices do not make the expected ML, MLU or MLL.

So if we look at cycle fork M012.Sliding Parallel original MF

When we take a fork, in this case M012, we can slide it to a pivot and use it as a measuring tool as shown below where from above we can see that the high exceeded the ML, below we slide the ML to the high, and would expect one smaller fractal wave cycle to complete and the sliding MLL in this case the ML is slid to W1, and W2 falls on the M012SPMLL, and hence has completed a cycle correction.Sloding parallel SP's are long dashed lines where I will usually only draw the ML, MLU or MLL - whichever is of interest.

As with the rest of MAP Wave analysis the nomenclature is the same - Wave scale precedes abbreviations eg. W012SPMLW1 means Weekly fork 012 sliding parallel where the ML has slid to W1.

This is the result of the summation of waves at the time W1 was made.

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  1. mlurski says:

    1 – can’t use a chart with 57 different lines on it as an example of a single concept
    2 -nothing on the chart is labeled, certainly not cycle fork M012

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