Reading MAP Wave Charts – Confirmations

On each fractal level in accordance with the colour coding shows confirmation levels and failure levels. These are there to determine when am I wrong! Remember 80% of the time we get 5 wave up and on 1 fractal scale smaller 5 waves down.

These levels do provide support and resistance and it is important to reinforce they are the result of peoples behaviour. Simply put these are areas put their stop losses or entries or exits, and typically once they have been used they fall away, and this happens on each fractal scale depending on the traders investment horizon.

Starting on the monthly interval confirmations are shown on various fractal scales.

Gold Futures M WC14

Here we can see pivot D4 has been confirmed because prices rose above pivot 3 high of 1263.37 made in the previous month.

We can see pivotal resistance at 1309.02  formed by the D-4 pivot of the downtrend, and as this is an uptrend on the weekly fractal the counter trend fractal doubles and in this case a D pivot offers weekly resistance.

From wave counting rules the criteria for a 5th wave have been met, and confirmation of the high is the D4 break at 1217.96.

Once the high is made, again because of counter trend behaviour, the weekly bear confirmation shown (a daily confirmation which in this case also confirms the weekly top) will provide support on the deci fractal and pivot d-1 is likely to occur in this area.

We then have an elected M-3 confirmation at 1180 and an elected daily at 1132 with the first unelected one being the December W-3 low at 1046.54. That is the area where we can expect support on a bigger fractal and in this case this is the area where D-1 is expected to form. (there is actually cyclical support around 1100 so do not expect D-1 at 1046.50!)

Next if we look at the weekly interval we can see more detail of pivotal support and resistance.

Gold WC14Mar16 detail

We are in daily wave 5 as shown on the monthly interval previously. On the weekly level we can see resistance starts at D3 high 1263.37 (forgot to draw it!!! - that is why I need people to check once they understand as this should be shown!!!!)followed by  d4 confirmation at 1285.77, with a daily confirmation from the downtrend at 1307.50.

Support starts at the deci level at 1237.24, with deci 2 at 1202.13 (which coincides with cyclical support of 1198.34, followed by D4 support at 1191.08 (also forgot to draw it!!!).

So from wave counting technically we have a valid monthly count, weekly count and daily count all of which have met MAP Wave count criteria. Deci 4 confirmation is 1285.77 (MAP Rules equal or greater than) of which there is a 20% chance of failure.


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  1. Michael says:

    I agree with Alex here, a building block approach would be beneficial. Personally, I need a single chart with (1) one fork, (2) the pivots identified, (3) how where the pivots of that interval determined, (4) 2nd chart showing the 2 forks, (5) how where the pivots of that interval determined, and so forth.

  2. Marc says:

    Simply – every line from a fork is resistance if it is above current prices, and conversely support if it below prices. Lines are all colour coded so on blue lines I look for blue pivots, purple for purple etc.
    The different fractals show a the path of least resistance so gives some idea of what sub wave formation one can expect.
    With each fractal pivot I am looking on one fractal smaller a 5 wave structure.

    So eg if I am looking for a weekly pivot I look to where the latest red weekly lines are. That gives a high probability target in most cases, and at worst gives me the extremes within which prices should move within the rules of the nature of fractal waves – constructive and destructive superposition extremes

  3. Marc , if my understanding is correct you are looking for confirmation of the larger fractal in wave counting by going one fractal smaller . Seems it is a rule to filter down noise levels or “failure” waves. Please explain in more details on one example how do you do it. As a general comment it would be great from a methodological perspective if you can develop a “block” type approach moving from simple to complex in step by step assembling building blocks . Your basics of MAP are good and helpful but do not allow to follow your detailed charts.People who are willing to learn can really follow you and may be capable in providing critical comments if they understand all your lines then their interest in your work will grow exponentially. Just one example would be sufficient.

  4. Marc says:

    If you look at gold so far this month in isolation then it has a valid 5 wave formation as shown below – hence on the monthly interval it has met all the criteria of MAP Wave counting rules.
    However when you look one fractal smaller, on the weekly interval you can see wave D5 is not complete (from a wave structure view). There is a 20% chance for wave failure – failing to make a new high for deci 5, which will complete wave D5, which will complete wave W-4, however if you only go by MAP Wave counting rules we have a valid top on the weekly level.
    One fractal smaller which you can see on the daily interval you can see support lies on the lower parallel of deci fork 234. So as yet we do not know if this will sub divide.

    I will attempt to be more clear about support and resistance – there are 2 types – pivotal – this is because people behave pretty predictably and use these for entry and exit points. The second type is cyclical which is derived from the forks measuring the cycles – basically they are simple amplitude measuring tools!

    The ideal wave intersection of the smaller fractal ML with the next larger fractal MLU in an uptrend, or MLL in a downtrend is where ideally pivot 5 of the smaller fractal can be expected. However you need to follow a further fractal smaller as the wave develops to narrow down the target, which due to wave superposition may not be the ideal wave intersection.

  5. Hi Marc, thanks once again for sharing your work. Read all terminology and MAP theory. After for following MA for so long trying to decipher arrays , your approach puts a different perspective on the interferences of different fractals. If I understand you correctly the numbers on the monthly tick come from calculating pivots on different fractal scales. Trying to figure out all these forks and numbers , easy to get lost too crowded. Even in your euro simple example lost you at the end . Are the points where lines from the different forks important in making decisions? Are all your expected support and resistances come from fork lines and SP’s ? You also seem to use supports and resistance levels from always from one level lower fractals in case fractals showing opposite direction When you are looking at W for example do you take R/S points from a D fractal below? or/and do you combine R/S points with pivot points on lower fractals as well . I am not sure if I make myself clear. Just getting mixed up with overlapping fractals of different scales. I guess this is the most complicated part. Cheers. Thanks for great work. It is very challenging.

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