MAP Fork

MAP fork starts as a Schiff fork, and as the waves develop it becomes a modified cycle fork to determine the trend channel. A MAP fork is a modified Andrews fork, which is not a Schiff fork, an advance on what Andrews used 100 years ago. 13Nov14
MF precedes the fork definition e.g. MFµ345 is MAP Fork whose definition points are micro pivots 3, 4 and 5. These forks have dashed lines as shown below which gives a rather different perspective!
Cycle fork MF

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  1. Michael says:

    Hi Marc

    I am using ThinkorSwim for my charting. The andrew’s fork options are: standard, Schiff and Modified Schiff. Which one should I be using?

  2. mlurski says:

    my suggestion
    1 – you stop using the word “I”, and only speak in 2nd person or refer to the method – instruction books are not full of i do this, i do that – it should be the – you then apply the fork tool at the following pivots …
    2 – in the example above, you do not display MFµ345, so im really not getting an understanding of the example
    3 – do you do not explain the difference between a cycle fork and a map fork, or im missing the nuance

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