Longitudinal Waves

Longitudinal waves are just like those of us that know and have played with a slinky spring have seen - they move along the length of the spring and are known as longitudinal waves.

longitudinal waves

So what has this to do with markets? This was a pattern I recognised and combining it with MAP Wave rules we can see how they work to build intensity of fractal waves as described by Martin Armstrongs ECM Methods and Methodology which is a must read! He knows far more than anyone about how this all works!

If we add MAP Waves we see the following;

longitudinal waves MAP Analysis

If we now relabel the above waves according to their fractal wave scales we get;

longitudinal waves MAP Analysis Fractal Waves

And for down waves we see;

Longitudinal waves MAP Analysis Fractal Waves Down

We can also see this vertically;

longitudinal waves MAP Count Rotated

And looking at the following overlay of Martin Armstrong's long term reconstructed DOW;



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    ok, looks ok, but maybe explain the purpose of this demonstration and explain how you are going to make use of it

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