Filing Structure

In order to try make the site more usable I feel it might be appropriate to explain the layout of the site for easier navigation.

In order to get the basics the Terminology and Theory come first. We need to speak the same language and then you need to understand the basic concepts.

Then I have broken the structure down to currencies, markets and commodities.

The reason is that in the long term an economies currency reflects its economic performance, i.e. a strengthening currency reflects a strengthening economy - and please be aware this IS NOT GDP measured. GDP is only a small percentage of capital flows where investment in many cases far outweighs GDP. Capital moves around the globe looking for the best risk reward ratio.

Investment is reflected in bonds which I have not yet added but hopefully will get around to that someday soon, as well as markets. Markets have been broken down into sort of regional economic blocks, and with in those country specific market analysis is to be found.

Thereafter I have put commodities which includes PM's which are currently my main interest, where gold and silver are allegedly the most manipulated markets take my main interest for if the analysis works there it truly reflects human behaviour and should be applicable elsewhere!

With in this structure I am adding Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly and Weekly analysis and from now on support and resistance will be on these front pages together with bullish and bearish confirmations. There is a 80% probability of a 5 wave formation and hence once a confirmation is elected then there is a 80% probability that the trend on that wave scale is in tact! This means I only need to update the charts and commentary which will be filed under the appropriate year, quarter, month. So for example this weeks analysis will be filed under this month, which will be under this quarter, which will be under this year. This structure will be implemented from now.

Hopefully this makes the site more useful!


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