Cycle Fork

For stock market cycle analysis forks only work predictively if you use the correct pivots, otherwise just like most other tools they are random! To define a fork you need to use the last 3 pivots of the same fractal wave scale and prices according to Andrews hit the ML over 80% of the time. By tracking one smaller fractal wave scale this can be increased tremendously! (13Nov14)

This is the tool that I use to measure the price and time range for each fractal wave scale. The abbreviations I use are shown.

Cycle Fork

Extending the lines backwards or forwards show trend channels. Occasionally I also use additional internal lines as shown below with the fork lines extended backwards.

Cycle fork backward

The cycle fork has 3 anchor or definition points. I use specific pivots and annotation is as follows; Fractal wave scale, followed by pivot numbers used for definition number e.g. D012 is a normal cycle fork whose definition points are D aily pivots 0, 1 and 2. If I talk about a median line or parallel this will be after the fork definition using ML for Median Line, MLU for the upper parallel, and MLL for the lower parallel. m-2-3-4 MLU is a normal cycle from milli pivots -2, -3 and -4 and I am referring to its’ median line upper parallel.

5 Responses to Cycle Fork

  1. Michael says:

    We need to understand and have demonstrated on a simple clean chart how to identify one fractal wave from another and then how to determine the last 3 to be used in drawing the forks

  2. mlurski says:

    No way is this an adequate explanation of the syntax! 🙂
    1 – define the syntax – first digit represents x, 2nd represents, y, third digit represents z
    2 – im starting to notice that the font you use in your text has some funky characteristics when adding numbers next to letters
    3 – I suggest that you give at least 5 examples, each with a separate chart.
    4 – if you are going to introduce the backward trend line then you should explain them, can t leave me wondering
    5 – better display the 3 anchors – a newbie would have no way of telling where they are
    6 – is this the place to show one how to literally draw the forks, or is that detailed somewhere else?

  3. Boris says:

    And probably “… D0123 is a normal cycle …” -> “… D012 is a normal cycle …”

  4. Boris says:

    Please change the last line to
    “… from milli pivots -2, -3 and -4 ….”

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