Silver 2016 M – January

Silver Q1

Well as we zoom in things unfortunately get messier! But to get a clearer understanding of the wave structure and targets in more detail there is no option but to overlay more fractal wave scales, and here you can see better the wave formation of this correction from Q3 high.

Silver 2016 M Jan

Looking at more detail we can getter better idea of price and time targets.

The final bottom is ideally made within the D-2-3-4 cycle fork and the Y MLL which due to limited data is a best guess (applying the same principles of the MAP cycle fork) and that projects a panic bottom on YMFMLL (the dashed black line) of $5.00 give or take a few cents with the time frame between Sep 2016 and Feb 2017. If this were to occur it would be an extreme quarterly wave and the Action Reaction theory would hold true to include the massive Hunt brother manipulations (this would also be true if the final bottom is made on M012MLUSP to Q3!) A normal bottom would be just under $8.00 on the YMLL (solid black line).

Ideal low - August $8.03, Extreme ideal low - December $5.56

Silver 2016 M Jan detail early

Watch the golden oval! Prices are expected to work down to the D-2-3-4ML, but further subwave division is impossible to project! If prices zoom through this ML then they will turn on the MLL and 80% of the time will subdivide to make the final bottom from there.