Brent fails on MLU 30 June

Brent Crude failed to break last weeks high an open below 50.34 next week will be bearish and should be followed with a break of the bold blue ML which has been tested twice for support. If a subwave forms on the third test the 4th will be straight down to restest the January low by Q3. Falling through will result in a retest before continuing to the same target.

Oil fails new high 30 June

5 Responses to Brent fails on MLU 30 June

  1. Chris says:

    Marc can you help me out with oil? this last subwave has me at a loss for the count. Is oil headed down now or back up again then down? Thanks for all your help.

  2. Chris says:

    looks like its bouncing of the blue ML again and will hopefully break through on the fourth try. I finally bought a new computer (can’t use the charting features on tradingview on your phone) and started charting myself. This is what I came up with. Am I close at all?

  3. Chris says:

    is it looking like it will bounce of your blue ML again?

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