Gold Q3 2016

Q2 was expected to be bearish with no new high. New highs were made at 1358380, marginally above the first resistance level of 1353.04.

Q3 minor pivotal resistance stands at 1345.28, 1358.80 and 1392.08 followed by major resistance at 1433.85. Cyclical resistance stands at 1353.40, 1421.10 and 1433.59.

From this the maximum high for Q3 is the cluster of pivotal and cyclical resistance from 1421 to 1434

Q3 minor pivotal support stands at 1307.59, 1284.53 and major at 1193.35. Cyclical support starts at 1313.44, 1305.05, 1271.99 and 1194.53.

From this that maximum low for Q3 is the cluster from 1193 to 1195.

A break above 1358.8 without a break below 1313.44 makes 1392 the first target.

A break below 1305.05, without a break above 1358.80 makes 1271.99 the first target.

A break down to support at 1271 followed by a break above 1358.80 confirms 1433 target and that will complete this wave off the December low at the extreme and hence still not answer if the bottom is in yet or will we go onto new lows!

A break below 1271 without a break above 1358.80 confirms 1194.53 target.

Failure to break first targets indicates subwave formation and will continue to leave us in limbo ...... and will give us a triangle next quarter which means a bigger move is coming.

Gold Q3


2 Responses to Gold Q3 2016

  1. Marc says:

    on way to 1392.
    @toothwaste : LT definition points.

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks Marc,

    Could you please post your graph again zoomed out. I am not able to decipher all the starting pivot points of your lines.

    Also does closing above last year’s high at quarter’s end, now confirm the December low as Q4?



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