Gold M May 2016 – Hmmmm…..Caution….. Great caution…..

Well you talk about pushing the limits!

Last week I gave the detail of the dilemma!

We made a further high which does not help with the answer p totally undecisive!

I want to just quickly show the current Q interval chart to show the dilemma to those who do not have access. The problem is that because the correction from the June 13 low is so flat it is extremely difficult to determine the fractal of this consolidation and as a consequence there is no clarity into whether or not the December low is it in gold!

Gold Q - where does it stop

Where it stops determines the fractal of the December bottom and if we look at the numbers there is not much in it!

Gold Q cluster of numbers

Prices broke the resistance of the weekly ML's (purple upsloping left to right), but stopped short of the Monthly ML's and confirmation on that fractal is 1311.58. However as the time target for what currently is labelled M-4 was February and Aprils high confirmed this correction is at least on the fractal of what currently is wave M-4. This means we should hit the ML which stands at 1311.58 and if prices turn there we need another low as a minimum to complete the MAP wave rules! Should prices exceed that the ultimate confusion would be a high of 1315.20, because then what is currently M-4 is W-2!!! So here we have a cluster with cyclical resistance at 1311.58 and 1315.20 with pivotal resistance at 1307.59!!!! A break above 1315.20 to 1383.40 would confirm the December low as it!

So the ultimate bull bear battle is includes an May high below 1311.58 followed by support at 1209.08 holding. This is the ideal wave target whether Aprils high holds, or we get a marginal higher high. From there we get a project retest of the current high around......BREXIT.... That would put gold in the position of either going for the December bottom confirmation which in July stands 1362.90, or stopping at the W-2 confirmation which in July will stand at 1311.67...........

Gold the ultimate bull bear trap

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