Gold wave deci 5 uptrend 10March

gold deci wave 4

This morning as projected yesterday the low was made to complete d4. We have had a constructive centi wave 1 to make pivot c1 and now expect a consolidation before challenging new highs in wave c3.  We will have at least 2 more sublevels of subwaves to break out to new highs. The ideal wave correction is 14:00 tomorrow around 1251.

With the daily interval you cannot get such detail so tomorrows support and resistance levels are shown and on the hourly chart below more detailed explanation of what to expect tomorrow is detailed. Before prices can test d3 they need to consolidate from the present overbought condition. Support is around mid 1250's


This with current software I cannot show on the daily interval so sorry about the mess but if you want to monitor such small waves there simply is no way around it until I get my new tool!!!!!

Pivot c2

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