Gold wave deci 4 downtrend – 9March2016

I am just publishing this as part of my Armstrong Array analysis and will try keep this updated to this level to the final high before the December low which is currently projected towards the end of March or early April. Next week the projections is for a new high (challenging 1300 - est mid 1290's) and that will be followed by a larger consolidation than we have this week, and then we get the final high in the region of 1300.

Gold Q4M_5W5D3d4 9Mar2016

Currently we are in wave deci 4 and should have a low either tomorrow or Friday, projected at 1234 and 1232 respectively as shown on the chart, as detailed below.

Gold D for 10Mar

Tomorrows projected bar is shown and if we hit 1234 then we should get a break back into the green bar, which is the breakout range.

Larger fractal support is shown in accordance with the wave scale colour coding.


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  1. Marc says:

    Not a bad projection bar some lazy me work!!!!
    Projected low 1234.52 – Actual low 1236.80
    Followed by projected high 1271.08 Actual high 1271.65
    Hope this accuracy continues!!!!

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