Gold centi waves of d3/D5/W5/M-4

o show how my cycle analysis projects the green circle is the target for c1 which is 2 fractals down from Daily.
The ideal wave target is 18:00 today at 1251.
Gold futures 24Feb D2d2c1.png
Then we will have a consolidation with a breakout of the triangle by the end of the month - roughly as shown. One further subwave will form as a minimum.
Gold futures 24Feb D2d2c2 breakout.png
Note how the "I am wrong" numbers are moving up as confirmations are received. As the next subwaves are formed these can be tightened up further - however bear in mind that noise may throw you out of a position - that can only be filtered out with bigger fractal confirmations - I use one fractal bigger hence for a centi wave the deci, etc.

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