Gold D numbers for 24 March – Neutral – consolidation

As per yesterday's projection not bad! c-2 was made at 1249.43, short $1.59 of our target of 1251.02, before falling through 1246.50 which was the cyclical D confirmation of W-4 on the D interval. The ML did not hold and prices move rapidly to the MLL as projected and overshot to make a panic low at 1215.42, overshooting the support by $10.39 which was the exit, pivot c-3.

Pivot c-4 should be in tomorrow around 1234 which is the centi cyclical resistance (with deci resistance at 1246.71, daily at 1265.51 and weekly starting at 1278.48), before turning down again to challenge c-3 which will be the second test of support on the final daily confirmation of W-4 which is now at 1217.78.

Gold D for 24 Mar

The early projected low for d-3 is the 25th at dual deci support of 1210.49 and 1209.17, however if we get this 5th wave sub diving that will move to the blue circle projected for the 29th, slightly lower testing 1200 which was our original ideal wave target.

With today's low our recalculation level moves down with the SL to m-2 (yesterday's high) at 1249.43.

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  1. Jochen Forer says:

    I FOUGHT THE MARKET AND I WON. But much to little this week compare to the time i spend.

    Anyway Thx very big to Marc. He is a helping friend to us. SOC was good for nothing same the comments from Martin.

    My Favorite push me to switch off the computer. In this sense ….

    Sawadee krap everybody and chock dee for your searching the easter bunnies over the weekend


  2. Jochen Forer says:

    NOW LONG ???

  3. Marc says:

    OK had to go into 15 min interval to sort it out – IF WHAT YOU EXPECTED DOE NOT HAPPEN REANALYZE!
    Todays low was c-3 and the above suspected subwave extension is highly likely, however that is speculation and there is no evidence beyond that. The reason is todays low was c-3.
    Details of time and price shown on the chart.
    m waves were shape normal 1: constructive 3rd wave with normal m1, constructive 3 and 5:and 5th wave was a simple 1.

  4. Jochen Forer says:

    New trade

    enter @1217
    TP 1212
    SL 1219

  5. Jochen Forer says:

    Next trade i will follow you Marc. Let know when it time

  6. Jochen Forer says:

    opening trade

    TP 1223
    SL 1211

  7. Jochen Forer says:

    some numbers

    PSAR Points
    Daily 1281
    H4 1247
    H1 1223
    M15 1220

  8. Marc says:

    Finally something different! Yesterday’s low was unexpectedly broken. THIS MEANS REANALYSE AS WHAT WAS EXPECTED DID NOT HAPPEN.
    Most likely we have a sub wave and to try determine ASAP what it is we draw in the internal parallels as the centi fork MLL has not been broken. I have drawn the most likely bars for this scenario which is a lower highs and lower lows tomorrow and Monday. This is the destructive wave superposition which is most likely as the new low was made without the expected high c-4, c-5 to finish d-3 with a most likely shape 4.
    WE ARE NOW LOOKING 3 fractals smaller than daily and hopefully highlights the complexity of even following daily interval charts, where as we are still within the expected weekly figures – This is critical to understand your investment horizon – Each fractal bigger fewer alarms, a fraction of the work and hence lower returns!
    We need to watch for break above the lower grey parallel.

    After today’s high and low we will again be able to make more accurate projections and hence this is a time for patience.

  9. Evi says:

    Very nice analysis

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