Gold D Numbers for 23 March – Neutral, Bearish on break yesterdays low

The constructive D break line held today, and prices made it to the D012 MLL SP to D-1 which was shown yesterday on the hourly chart making pivot c-2 at 1260.17 which is where the REANALYZE is moved down to, as if the SL for shorts, where yesterday's break of 1225.70 was the second entry.

So lightly above yesterday's expected range.

Today's range is projected within the centi support and the blue triangle outline.

Tomorrows expected range is an early low to make m-1 with a high at the intersection of c0-1-2MLU and d345MLU making the lower high at 1251.02 which is the third entry.

Gold D for 23 March

A break of 1246.75 will be confirmation on the D fractal of W-4, and it is expected to make m-2 to put us in the third wave down on the 4th test of support, so a milli -1 and -2 will insure the drop straight through. centi support is at 1232.39. If this holds we can expect it to form a subwave here to provide the energy to break this support on the 24th. Being wave 3 expect prices to cycle to c0-1-2MLL to and test d-1 support at 1225.81 as this is the most common wave, and should be complete in 3 days with a target around 121o.

On a break of 1246.75 move the short SL to the days high.

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  1. Jochen Forer says:

    Seriously ? Sometimes i think this guy is much more strange then me. What an idea. There is a lot out there in the world not a guy know who play day and night with the computer instead with a nice girlfriend. Sometimes it make me think.

    • Marc says:

      You need to learn to understand people. Once you do you will find they are predictable 80% of the time – we are all human and react in the same manner in 80% of situations.
      Many cannot understand the support Merkel got when she opened the flood gates to refugees – She like my parents and your parents were most likely part of the worlds largest ethnic cleansing operation in history – when after WWII some 10 to 12 million Germans were forcibly moved from occupied territories by none other than Churchill and Roosevelt. The Americans remember the new deal – money printing got them out the last shit, the germans remember weimar hyper inflation…. the list goes on! And this is social memory that determines big trends!!!!

  2. Evi says:

    Dear Marc, I am not in this trade via GC futures which will be my choice for the next setup – I am only long some May and June GC puts (and added some at the 1250-60 levels) but what you are outlining is really starting to make sense! and I can follow your thoughts Also your drawing/and description on the charts is great. Sometimes I miss some descriptions (like the d-1 is not visible to me, I assume it’s the blue up-triangle from March 12th, around 1235?) but it’s fascinating. I am still far from being able to get the pivots right (confirmation) and even farer from making own forward projections, but hope to get there sooner than later. Together with the arrays this seems to be a powerful tool!

  3. Jochen Forer says:

    i place a very small opening trade as follow

    TP 1249
    TSL 1225 (yes i know, trailing sucks, but out for fun the whole day )

    if successful i hope can run this trade over the day

    • Marc says:

      Time to be short for a day or 2
      Once bottom is in it is retested 80% and that is confirmation to go long – opposite of the trade I am describing here or with this trade playing both directions

      • Evi says:

        basically your trade is take profit at d-3 1200-1210 level and then expect a rebound to d-4 back to 1250 level (lower highs and below d-2), to get to the final d-5 which is < than d-3.
        d=4 hour…

        • Marc says:

          You got it – F$%k why did I listen to benchmarks and break my first rule – DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHERS…… Todays would have been a 100% gain on puts exp 28Mar, entered last night and get out. Now next month call 1250 ride that up to d-4, then wait again for same setup on bigger scale next month – rinse and repeat 🙂

        • Marc says:

          Cool hey 😉
          As easy as that – clear entry / exit / SL
          All by numbers as Martin keeps emphasizing No emotions, clear picture – easy to manage expectations!!!
          This is 3 fractals smaller and probably about 1000 time more profitable than Socrates best. God I love fractal waves!

          Just sorting webinar – at last I believe I can explain and you gonna be one of the guinea piglets

          • Evi says:

            what do you mean with 3 fractials smaller?
            d is 4 hour… next is D day and W week… M month

            Yes, I do love the trade setup. structure with trade entry, profit target and SL. That’s what you need as a successful trader. Still need to invest a lot of study time (you are 5 years?! ahead) but the basics I got. Hope to challenge you one day with my questions 😉

            • Marc says:

              Socrates is generating delayed entries on W level. Below that D, then deci and then centi – that is the level of this trade. Soc still is bullish / neutral. If it does not pick up todays D daily fractal wave break confirmation Soc goes down in my estimation. It is almost two weeks since MAP Waves gave 80% probability

              • Evi says:

                got it. agree on the socrates daily fractal wave break confirmation…

                As the 3rd wave is often the biggest in amplitude (so c-3 now), I assume the bigger time interval (D,W) gives you the confirmation that the 1200 area is where we turn back up… Kind of matches the 1202.50 daily bearish reversal from MA. On the other hand – would you change your view if some daily reversals were elected? i.e. just adjust SL down instead of closing the trade?

                Think it’s well worth to also have a look at March M,Q closing levels and see if any reversals got elected.

                I am really getting excited about this!!!

                • Marc says:

                  Reversals are closing high bars either side of high essentially MA uses close to filter where as I use actuals and accept 20% wave failure rate. Each fractal in MWA obly generate 1 number not 4 so you know as oppose to guess.

                  Would I change my view on reversal election? once I had a good idea how they were generated – not looked at them since.

                  Arrays and reversals now that I know them have 1 minor problem – noise filtration. BUT they are awesome with my stuff as they give a good feel to what is coming which is what has allowed the jump in my presentation – arrays lift the fog!

    • Jochen Forer says:

      Nice try. but not work out. Never mind. Life is a bitch


  4. Jochen Forer says:

    If i would be coin and you would flip me i would say we will resets the 1250 level before diving

  5. Jochen Forer says:

    A friend come over to Bangkok soon to hang out with me.
    So i will not trade much today.

  6. Jochen Forer says:

    Daily PSAR broken at 1236. New daily PSAR now @ 1282. H4 on 1264. H1 on 1249. M15 on 1237

    Good fight everybody today

  7. Marc says:

    Nice wake up bar 🙂
    Finally 4th touch of D constructive confirmation prices dropped straight through.
    Pressure is still down and and if we break the centi support pivotal support at d-1 will hold at 1225.81 making c-3. Expect a retest of centi support at 1232.39 today which moves to 1233.80 tomorrow for c-4 before making the low for d-3 tomorrow.

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