Gold D Numbers for 22 March – Neutral and once breakdown confirmed downtrending.

Today trading was within yesterday's triangle and the lows tested the D constructive break down confirmation on the D interval, which tomorrow stands at 1243.49. Below that at 1231.08 is centi support which is where pivot c-3 is expected to be made if this break down comes tomorrow. Below that at 1215.96 is daily support from the last confirmation on the daily fractal of W-4, with 1203.60 being the target for d-3 if we get a big day down.

If we break down tomorrow more realistic though is the next triangle, with the deci MLU forming the upper resistance., before making d-3.

If not expect an even tighter trading range with a lower high, to deci resistance at 1255.70 (this would be the second 1/4 short entry point with , followed by daily resistance at 1269.98, followed by weekly at 1281.12.


Today has been a volatile day and prices kept within their expected lines.

There is a valid MAP wave count however it really would be pushing things to the limit on more than three parameters, so we are currently still in the wave µ-4 of m-3 of c-1. So expect a low to complete m-3 followed by a bounce and then another low before prices head back up to make c-2 at either location as described above depending on when the breakdown comes.

Sorry but down another 2 fractals from yesterday! We need some waves to close so we can delete their lines from the chart to clean it up a bit!!!!! Target is still the green area shown yesterday, above the dashed green line for c-3 and dashed blue line for c-5 (d-3).

Gold H action of 21st March

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  1. Jochen Forer says:

    At least something funny i follow since the goldbugs out of their holes again.

    This is by far the more worst god loving of them. For me the best Contra Indicator of all.

    He claim too finding the ruling cycles but in that case from the bible.

    Do not piss in your panties while holding your belly crying tears from laughing.

  2. Evi says:

    So basically today the upmove stopped at the dark blue spotted d? Reststance at around 1260. find it really hard to identify the lines… 🙂

    Marc, how are you trading this? Are you using the GC future – hence your total position will be -4 futures?

    Thanks, Evi

    • Marc says:

      With trading it I am f#$ed because of following other peoples advice…….. still got some June puts by which time I should have some of last years profits again so I can actually trade……
      I only do options and dont waste my time with anything else…. but when my rules say I can put more money into account that will change because I will make a portfolio now that this is giving me very good projections of price and time targets.

      Essentially the trade goes as follows: we have had all the confirmations on deci fractal on hourly interval the top is in at 80% probability even at that level. This week will will have daily fractal confirmations on the daily interval – and next week on weekly interval – so the safe trade is towards end of next week – that is the options trade. Next month exp.

      To maximise you can make over 50% on deci and centi fractal if entries are right – picking the tops and you could trade both ways. Now that we getting into the milli fractal much higher risk.

      The lines that are your triangle show you the fractals – gold Q, orange M, red W, purple D, dark blue deci, green centi and sky blue milli. Within those parameters tells you the limits of a normal wave on each fractal. So to go long you buy on the bottom line and sell the top, and to go short opposite.

      Because in the triangle at some point prices are going to break out to the next fractal it is best played 3x, then 2x and then 1x as your risk is increasing with the smaller fractals. With the breakout you play the options, which if you not swapping positions will loose time value!

      With the breakout you get a reverse triangle – the fractals need to close and again they are colour coded so you can see where the fractals of your trade are and easily identify your targets, and mosts likely times being the ideal intersections…..

      Don’t want to overload you but this is the outline of any good trading strategy and thanks to MA and the group I now have this pretty much formalised and so will you with a bit of patience and hard work!!! Nothing in life worth having is free 🙂

      • Evi says:

        OMG – just saw this reply now… and it makes SOOOOO much sense!!!! I am also an option trader and know all about theta risk but also the gamma potential… if you get the timing right and know which fractial you trade, this can be so profitable…!

        • Marc says:

          No fing idea what you talking about!!!! theta, gama??? 28 Mar exp double return next months – timing says …. trade this month! Wait for next setup….. but shakeout longs and shorts now till options expiry, then next move!!! You would not believe how many times I have been taken for this ride!!!! as soon as they expire they carry on up their channels.

          The best I did was playing the DAX – 600% in a day and then IB flagged me as day trader!

  3. Jochen Forer says:

    Ok. Prepare next trade

    entry at fractal twist M15 over 1255


    TP 1210 (long term) or any fractal twist M15 under 1239

    SL 3 $ over entry but not under 1259

    • Jochen Forer says:

      wait soon

      • Marc says:

        1265.24, 08:00 23 March

        The money to be made in shorting is a bit away yet and unless you day trading high risk.

      • Jochen Forer says:

        i trade


        entry 1255,20
        TP 1210 or fractal M15 twist under 1239
        SL 1259

        • Jochen Forer says:

          keep SL at 6 $ distance

          • Jochen Forer says:

            SL now on 1255

            • Jochen Forer says:

              ok should not be

              • Jochen Forer says:

                Next level for trade is now PSAR H4 1267

                • Marc says:

                  What is PSAR H4 1267?
                  And why do the levels keep changing?
                  I can only assume what ever you are using is calculating data without giving you a projection of the trade it recommends.
                  That makes managing expectations very difficult, or does it have time price targets?

                  • Jochen Forer says:

                    Parabolic SAR. Stop and Reverse. Gives you the trading signal. PSAR is calculated from the last high. Every time unit bring the PSAR more near to your current position. At the moment the PSAR moves from last time unit around 1267 to exactly 1265,80 now.

                    The PSAR to enter the trade was on M15 at 1255,39. And switched after be elected to 1248,65 to give the next support level also now parabol up to the actually level at 1250,62 M15. If this would elected now the the next PSAR would start from the last high at 1257 ( M15).

                    I don’t like draw lines. I never did. I use this for my orientation

                    • Jochen Forer says:

                      a bit like your PIVOT fork. but following the angle in the market move

                    • Marc says:

                      Sorry backward looking stuff is no good for investments – it is not possible to manage expectations and rule number one in trading – You are your biggest enemy!

                    • Marc says:

                      OK so like all other indicators only tells you after the fact – no projections – that is what is different to what I do! But if you want this sort of stuff then afraid thinking needs to change.

                      So are you long to ride this one up or are you using it to add to shorts?

                      OK to home in on this one using my projections…..

                      05:00 23 March 1263.59

                      We are starting wave nano 3 of micro 5 of milli 5 of centi -2 So down 3 fractals smaller than I have written about so far……

                      SL 1248.59 This rises to 1249.60 with the break of 1256.95

                    • Jochen Forer says:

                      actually a couple of minutes ago 1250,68 (M15) was elected. New short possibility starts at the current time unit at 1256,79 (M15). Parabol down till it meet the the price on time again.

                    • Marc says:

                      So how many trades are you doing – presumably that depends on the interval you are using? Assume you quoting from 15 min interval (M15?)

                    • Marc says:

                      With the forks you have target of time and price so you can manage expectations.

                      To me that is important and there is nothing else that gives you the detail as forks used with rules once you understand the rules – messy yes – but once you know what you looking for you can start to read the market and that allows you to manage expectations.

                      I spent about a year playing with indicators and signals. very variable results and always get you in and out too late and that really peed me off!

                    • Jochen Forer says:

                      For trading i run a market on 4 timelevels. M15 H1 H4 D1

                      That gives me an overview on whitch range the actually trading time level i use is on the next higher time level.

                      M 15 will run in the range of H1. etc.

                      that gives me a quick overlook on possible target prices. For sure not perfect but better the guessing. I like this indicator.

                    • Marc says:

                      The main thing as you have pointed out – you must be comfortable with your trading model and understand it -which clearly you are.

                    • Jochen Forer says:

                      the indicator is for free on different platforms. Would be interesting how it looks like on your charts i really like very much

                    • Marc says:

                      Like I say it is backward looking – I am interested in projections of targets so that I can manage expectations and decide which instruments are best suited as I outlined to Evi. I no longer am a slave to sitting in front of the computer, and spend much of my time where there is not even internet access, so without knowing time and price targets I may as well flip a coin!

                    • Jochen Forer says:

                      If i got it right then your lines are drawn from the backward. right ? they are not out of thin air. So your projection is based on the past looking in the future. Because nobody know the future they are possible projections with out you select the most fitting using your rulez.

                      If your System would be not static fixed on the moment you analyze it would produce new projection points while moving with time. right ?

                      I see also in a moving projection tool based in different time units the most promising. Bifurcation also described by Martin and in the Nanoworld as natural law seems to me the problem and how we can find the formula to rule out the projections points that not materialize.

                    • Marc says:

                      It is simple – you are trying to work out the wave superposition in the future based on your best information in time – under the basic rules of wave superposition you know the parameters and so it is simply finding a method of how to measure the wave – MA does not have that – I do that, which is why it goes together so well. They are two different roads leading to the same destination.

                      Yes projections are made on past data! That is how you measure fractals and project them into the future!

  4. Jochen Forer says:

    Hi Marc

    SOC arrays suggest up till beginning week 04.04. right ? So high on benchmark.

  5. Jochen Forer says:

    we are reaching 1255 soon. first short level

  6. Jochen Forer says:

    SOC Forecast arrays already changed again ? right ? Crazy

  7. Laurent says:

    Thanks Marc for your analysis, I’m a slow learner so I appreciate all the details you are providing.

  8. Srdjan tabor says:

    Me happy! Starting to grasp they way you analyse stuff… God bless you for the knowledge you provide on daily basis.

    Hope to be in your shoes one day helping others.

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