Gold D Numbers for 21 March – Neutral

Here are the numbers for Monday.....

Re analyze level d-2 1270.94.

Gold D numbers for 21Apr

Wave shape - looks like we going to have a nice drop on Monday to 1230 to make pivot c-1. The shape is normal wave 1, normal wave 3, constructive wave 5.

This also will become the third break of the Weekly bearish confirmation on the daily fractal - it held as support on the low, penetrated it the day after, and on Monday should again penetrate it. Support and resistance basically slowly gets weaker, and typically if it still holds expect a close above 1239.45. The next time if we get a close above 1239.45 you can expect that the next time prices will drop through it without a revisit! If the close is below, then expect a retest before saying bye bye!

I will show you the messy version of the hourly - here I am following 3 fractals down from the daily, but visually I can see 2 more! Imagine that mess!!, but look only at the bold lines ignoring the rest.

Dashed green lines - normal wave triangle
Solid green lines - ideal target line. We have met the ideal wave correction time and that is being exceeded because of wave subdivision.
Bold blue dashed downsloping lines - these are the wave superposition extremes - break them then reanalyse.
Bold sky blue lines - Expected normal wave trading range.

Gold H for 21Apr

12 Responses to Gold D Numbers for 21 March – Neutral

  1. Jochen Forer says:

    opening 1243

    i trade

    Short TP 1225 TSL 1247

    • Marc says:

      It is putting in bottom of centi -1 on milli fractal. In wave m-5. fractal, ideally we penetrate 1239.45 with the low.
      1230 is max low for today.

      1240.46 is one fractal down from milli. It is pivot µ-3. Should have small bounce and then final low to complete c-1

      Tomorrows high 1255.08, BUT 1269 also possible.
      That is next entry, c-2

      Tuesday and Wednesday we should then have a higher low and lower high and by then there is enough energy for the break.

      The concept is to short the top green dashed line, build a position in 1/4’s, and ride it down below the break of 1225 to the 1200 level…… patience…..
      1225 not yet, looks like pivot c-3, but that is a looking like end of week.
      Will still need a few days.

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