Gold W Numbers WC 21 March – Neutral

Numbers for the weekly interval are shown and detailed below.

Reanalyse level is deci resistance at 1270.94

Gold W WC21 Mar

Daily cyclical resistance is 1264.49 from the D345MLU, and we have two supports 1218.76 from the D confirmation constructive maximum and close by 1216.32 from the DMF345MLL. A break below this level is the weekly interval daily confirmation of  W-4.

Weekly resistance starts at 1277 from WMFMLU, and 1280.23  from W234MLU. Support is 1162.43 from the DCFMLL.

Pivotal resistance is at W-4 at 1284.53.

Pivotal deci support starts at 1237.24 with a gap down to the 1202.13, Just below we have D support at 1191.08, previously elected W at 1182.70 and M at 1180.20.

This area overlaps with the D345ML and the DCFMLL, so makes an ideal target for d-3, followed by a bounce before making D-1.

So we should start the week on a lower low and finish with a lower high within the Daily support and resistance.

We should get a breakdown to the Weekly support by WC 11 April.


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