Gold Q4 2016

Thought I did this......

If prices fail to hold we have a gap down to 1100 leading into Trumps January inauguration.....

Trump inaugaration

1160.95 is the confirmation of the drop.

The D0-1-2 modified MLL is support - green line.

Target for gap low is 13 January to 2 February.

1160 Gap Below

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  1. Hermann says:

    Hi together.
    Battle at court is still raging, but i have a little time now.
    Would be nice to have a new Gold Q2 2017 theme to post in it, but it will have to do.

    Had no time for the count.
    But the big picture seems still for me Gold is going down mid term. Short term we see a bounce, that seems to be in almost perfect match with Marcs rules as hitting the middle line and bounce in smaller fractal back to the upper line of triangle. Nice stuff, but be nimble here. The big picture shows that this is only short lived.

    Happy hunting all of you.

  2. Hermann says:

    Better i say nothing at all.

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