Gold Big Picture 27 May 2012

Had to add it sooner or later!

In MAP Analysis Part 3 I left the question open. Those who read Part 2 would have recognised the pattern that favoured prices moving to the monthly MLL!

We can see the short SMA is negative and prices have broken below the monthly ML. 4 Weekly pivots are clear and we are in weekly wave -5. A break below 1520 will make a valid MAP wave count on the monthly pivot scale.

On the weekly pivot scale we can see the long SMA has rolled over and with the short SMA we can clearly see we have completed 4 waves and the 5th is showing strong signs of subwaves. A final monthly low is expected between August and December of at least 1240!  Prices are moving across to the -2-3-4MLU and once they break down a rapid drop to the ML is expected once MF-1-2 MLL is broken! We can clearly see the 0-4 bear break line has failed so I would expect momentum to the down side to increase.

On the daily pivot scale we can see the detail of the sub wave formation which so far are down to a clear hourly pivot scale (expecting a minimum of daily, 4 hourly and hourly subwaves). Ideal wave pivot 4H-3 location is shown as well as the expected maximum location. A correction at that point to the W-2-3-4MLU would not be a surprise to retest the 1520 low, before breaking down towards the latest weekly ML and Monthly MLL.

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  1. infolodetan30 says:

    Sharing a discipline with the public is a lonely business. I doubt that but a few understand the generosity of your efforts. The concept of news lagging a price chart draws into question just how much free will do we really have. Sheep looking for a edge will find one, but with a wooden handle in the slaughter house.

    • mapportunity says:

      have really tried to make it simple! The concepts are so basic!
      I think the evidence is there. All QE inside 1 cycle, with a minor spike through which is just the momentum and whenever that happens on a ML expect prices to move rapidly in the opposite direction!
      I am amazed though at peoples intransigence! My mom used to always think I was nasty saying 80% of the worlds population is just sheep! Give them enough beer and cigarette money and you can lead them by the nose anywhere! What amazes me though is the technical analysis I have done shows the sorry state of things – without even looking at supportive economic data! Are the 1% also so blind and fail to see this time is different? This is a sovereign debt crisis as well! We are coming to the end of a 309 years civilization cycle also – I just hope there is a world left at the end of it!!!!
      So better join in and make as much today just in case there is a tomorrow and see how else to motivate people!

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