Where is Authority derived from?

To live in this world of insanity knowledge should give a better understanding and make it more fun!

In this section I am exploring the basic questions of where or how is it that humans still have not evolved even to the level of apes! We go around killing, stealing and hoarding for profit. Why is this?

Everyone moans about the governments.... so a starting point is there. There are only 2 forms of government - consensual and by violence (however packaged!). No one has any more or less authority from the creator of the universe than anyone else so why do we have a slavery system where some people have the right to make money out of thin air and others do not? How is it that there is no remorse in killing and letting people starve to death when we throw away enough every day to feed everyone? Why does it not matter who gets voted in?

Exploring the law should get me to the root of the belief system of this authorised use of violence as being ok to most!

To me as no one has authority to use use violence how can this be delegated????

There is only one law required for society to live in peace - CAUSE NO HARM.


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