Immutable Truths of Creation

Universal wisdom found in most ancient belief systems which supposedly were geographically isolated from one another.... or has humanity had previous civilizations in unrecorded history.... Most ancient belief systems say so and much of their science on creation has been proven by modern science. Below is a list of Hermatic Principles, which are similar to those in the Kabalah, Bhuddaism and various Indian beliefs including the Vedic texts. Many shamans tell similar beliefs.


ALL IS MIND - Unknowable, indefinable and infinite. We observe through our limited senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling.

We then build our mental perception based on our knowledge and experience of these "observations" to create our reality.

Beyond this reality perceived there is more and we are an integral part of that.

CORRESPONDENCE - As above so below, so below as above. As within so without, as without so within.

Applicable to the spiritual, mental and physical manifestations allowing reasoning to understand the unknown through study of the known. Everything is fractal - macrocosm and microcosm.

VIBRATION - Nothing is stationary, everything moves, everything vibrates.

Spiritual Plane, Energy plane, Mental Plane, Physical plane (Plamsa (extremely high vibration), gaseous, liquid and solids (low vibrations)). All vibration has extremes.

DUALITY / POLARITY - Everything is an opposite pair, just observed from a different perspective.

Good and evil, hot and cold, up and down, fast and slow, clean and dirty, wet and dry, thesis and antithesis, god and devil, two sides of same coin, light and darkness, love and hate etc....

RYTHM - Everything is cyclical vibrating between polarity extremes.

CAUSATION - Every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. Chance is but a name whose causation is yet to be understood.

Thoughts and actions result in manifestations.

GENDER - Everything has its masculine and feminine principles.

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