Sorting presstitute fact from fiction…

There are way too many quotes on this........ but through media manipulation which is where most of us get our view of what is going on ....... With inaction it allows those in control to paint your version of reality and hence how to manipulate your reactions to events.

Having lived in Muslim countries for most of my life I know of not 1 Muslim who would agree with the western perception that our current terrorist view of any one with a beard and a dress is Muslim. I am not saying Islam is a peaceful religion, but if Muslims themselves do not class them as Muslims but as terrorists why in the West do we have this perception?

Here are two of many that can help you open your mind to the accuracy of what we are presented by our presstitute!

This is important because as a result of the public view our governments are justifying killing our children in wars by often with minimal fact authorising this force.

Not only this they are manipulating the public through the use of fear to divide humans, to build hate and insecurity and thereby put forward their solutions when you are in panic to a greater or lessor degree and this inevitably includes the romaval of some of your rights that have been faught for by our forefathers who have died in their belief of a better future for us, the future generations.

Not only are our children killed and wounded, but the paymaster corporate cabal behind our puppet governments enslave future generations into debt slave and enrich themselves through our manipulation.

I will add sub pages where you can vote as if you were on a jury with some evidence which questions the main stream presstitue presentations of what we are meant to believe.

The requirement is are you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the presstitue view is correct,

4 Responses to Sorting presstitute fact from fiction…

  1. MJB says:

    Muslims maybe be disavowing terrorism but our national media is not broadcasting / publishing the ones who are disavowing.
    The question is Why?

  2. Jochen Forer says:

    No more Analysis. Only wired conspiracy stuff.

    Then have fun with that.

    Please delete me from this site


    • Marc says:

      For analysis you need to understand the big picture – BREXIT is incredibly important because this is the first opportunity of the flip from public to private.! Will delete you.

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