Climate Change Natural or Man Induced? Added why the scientist are wrong 3Jun17

I finally got around to this. The last few months have been incredibly interesting exploring alternative history and making more sense of what is going on around me, and it is a wonderful journey so far!

A huge amount makes more sense, especially "mythology". The word derives from oral history and actually seems to make alot sense looking at it with a different set of eyes as opposed to what I was taught and exposed to previously. There is so much truth that those who control history control the future! I will expand on that over the coming years at a guess, but want to start with the current issues and a big one is global warming caused by man and green house gases! It follows MAP Wave analysis so hopefully it is easy enough for those familiar with the methods.

Information is critical, and the better the quality the better conclusions one can reach.


So is climate change natural and are we experiencing much ado about nothing or is it the result of human development since the industrial era in the last 300 odd years?

Starting with the longest term data I have managed to find, 570 million years, we are in 2 possible trends - an uptrend averaging 1°C per 100 million years, or a downtrend averaging 0.4°C per 100 million years.

The black upper and lower parallels show we are currently in the lower half of the extremes and hence on this fractal we are a long way from any extremes, and are approximately slap bang in the middle!

The golden upper and lower parallels show the last 60 odd million years ago where the trend has been down, and if we are in the longer term uptrend channel we have hit the lower parallel so we can expect for the next 200 odd million years a gradual average rise of global temperatures.

I have been unable to find "green house gases" other than CO2 and have drawn the upper and lower parallels in orange which follow MWA!

On this scale of hundreds of millions of years the only possible correlation is that higher CO2 concentrations actually are responsible for global cooling or there may be a multi billion year lag between temperatures and CO2 levels! Even within the data it is clear no lag is present as the patterns are totally uncorrelated.

What does a correlation look like? With a new understanding of the "Electric Universe" it looks like we actually have a more promising explanation of where the answer lays!

The next biggest scale chart I could find is the last 65 million years (the gold channel shown above). Read in conjunction with the above chart the low off the high some 90 million year ago has hit the lower parallel in the recent ice ages as detailed below. The only definitive conclusion is that a trend change occurred as one would expect with MWA, and we should expect temperatures to rise to the upper parallel as a minimum over the next 10 odd million years!

With this not being a spike but rapid interglacial periods over extended time that would add weight that we are not in the hundreds of millions of year uptrend.

UNFORTUNATELY WE HAVE A LACK OF DETAIL (If anyone can find images showing bottom - upto 10 million years please send me a copy!) and the next scale I have been able to find is the 450 000 years BP ice core data! Interestingly enough EPICA claims to have data going back to 800000 years.... but that only shows greenhouse gases...... but no reference to temperature, which with the gap from the next bigger scale of data would be incredibly interesting... with my sceptical mind I wonder why the temperature data just happens not to be there!

From the 65 million year chart we can expect a rise in temperatures upto the orange line is the only thing I MWA tells us so far! Please note I do not know the correlation to the temperature scale, but according to the scale used in the chart we can expect a rise up to 4°C (app 2°C rise) before a multi million year pause!

Before delving into MWA of the data below I have highlighted some points - these two data sets come from 2 station in the Antarctic, not one from the North and other South pole. Peaks and trough in such close proximity show enormous variability, far in excess of what forms the basis of man made climate change! On its own it shoots down the whole debate, however using the magik of the data they show you this information is difficult to find highlighting the importance of information!!!

Note this is only a speck when looking at the 65 million year graph as far as time scale, where as we have seen we are around 8°C BELOW our recorded high and about 8°C above our recorded low - WE ARE SLAP BANG IN THE MIDDLE of our known information, so clearly this also destroy the argument we are destroying the planet with our use of fossil fuels! The planet has survived and will continue to survive irrespective of what we do, including if we blow ourselves up!

So with the Ice core data what can we conclude using MWA?

Unfortunately it is not possible to determine the fractal of the high and low of 125 and 25 thousand years ago due to the lack of detailed data between the present and 10 million years ago! Either way over the next 25 or so thousand years the maximum high should approach 4°C before dropping back. This is in line with the 65 million year analysis which indicates upto 5°C peak before a trend change. This is the intersection of 3 fractals. A break of the upsloping blue line indicates a new severe cooling period.

Moving into mans "recent history" the last 11000 years the context is on a planetary time frame we are pretty much in the centre of the extremes (570 million year chart) and on the 65 million year chart we are about 2°C from the upper parallel where a temporary trend change as a minimum can be expected over the next million or so years. We then have a huge data gap to the last 450000 years where it is not possible to establish the fractal of the 125 and 25 thousand year peak and trough. If 125 thousand years ago was a 1 fractal larger high, then we can expect that to stand for the next half to million years and expect global cooling for the next few million years! If this top is a mid pivot of the same fractal we can expect temperatures to rise for the next few million years to test the upper parallel shown on the 65 million year chart.

So a rise in global temperatures of 2C would be perfectly normal based on the cyclical behaviour of global temperature information available over the coming millennia!

Again because of the massive data gap it is not possible to determine the fractals of the mini ice age low and the 7500 year ago high, and the 2200 year ago low. From this chart we can see we are actually at an interesting point - having broken the down sloping upper blue parallel and is at the next smaller cycle fork median line so a shorter or longer turning point would be nothing out of the ordinary. A break of the Roman climate optimum confirms a few thousand year uptrend in line with the longer term charts as nothing out of the ordinary, after first visiting the lower green upsloping parallel.

The GISP2 Ice core samples we get the same analysis.

So we are in the lower half of the uptrend channel from the last inter glacial period which ended some 12000 years ago.

Zooming in for the last 2000. As it is better detail it is more accurate. The blue channel shown above is drawn, but the last green channel of the downtrend is only shown. The green channel shown above cannot be drawn to the shorter timescale. It is clear temperatures followed their cyclical nature in both these channels, and we have worked our way down using the same MWA cyclical analysis techniques from the 570 million year chart, clearly showing that temperatures follow a cyclical pattern. We can see that temperatures are approaching the upper light blue parallel, intersecting with the next smaller fractal median line (pink). We can expect a change on temperature trend to one of falling or side way movement soon, from this detail it may already have happened. When will this uptrend cycle change from the little ice age shown - by 2100 and around 0.4°C once the uptrend resumes.

Here I just want to add in trend lines - slopes from lows to highs. It speaks for itself that man made global warming is utter nonsense as prior to the use of fossil fuels temperatures have risen just as fast, faster and slower and this is only 2000 years of data! What may be significant but cannot be assertained from such little data is that in a bigger uptrend the rate of temperature rise is slower than on same fractal downtrends.

The final chart with cyclical analysis again confirms what the 2000 year chart shows us - sideways to downward followed by another high confirming the 2000 year analysis.

Caution must however be noted as the high may be in already as temperatures are in the lower channel, in which case a drop in temperatures will be followed by a retest failure - either way a drop in the ocean as we can see in the first chart!


MWA cycle analysis shows clearly global temperatures are not acting unusual, and as expected follow clear cycles as demonstrated on numerous fractal scales! We are either at the end or near the end of a warming period which is no different in rate from pre industrial era data - so global warming is a hoax based on scientism - fake science to push an agenda!



I hope you realise the importance of data, the more you have the better the analysis you can do, which will result in better judgements. Below I want to just highlight how just by simply using time scales data can be made to appear very dramatic which can be used to increase fear which results in minds being closed to evaluating new information.

What I have done is purely methodical analysis using age old wisdom with a few minor modifications! The case for other science also does not stand up to scrutiny - otherwise there would no longer be debate after 25 years! A few simple observation on the science......

As I pointed out in the 570 million year analysis there is no correlation with CO2, and even Al Gore backed down from a causal relationship yet to my amazement many still cannot accept the data and use this to justify their belief! - in those days it was pushed as global warming. If burning fossil fuels is causal then the data and analysis must reflect that, it cannot lead at times and lag at others, they may be related but not in the way hypothesised - this is basic high school science!

The science was so bad that it could not be sold and models were changed to push the agenda. That also did not work and so they pushed the consensus of global scientist - the rest of us are idiots bully peer pressure tactics. Research how this consensus was reached - if you did not agree you were excluded.

Then they started selecting and changing data to back up their "science" until that was exposed, and the credibility of the cause dropped further!

The bully boy tactics did not work but by that point the third world had cottoned on that it was about money.... and they could call in a packet as they had not caused the "damage", catching those pushing for greenhouse gas taxation on the back foot when they asked for compensation.... and so it was morphed into climate change.....

Unfortunately this scam has cost the little guy billions.... by 2015 it had grown into a business of over $6 billion.... and that is a lot of peoples livelihood and pride to be swallowed. What about the public? Well enough have had the courage to call the lies what they are. The rest need to overcome their pride, but as most scams it will be forgotten in a few years just like the mini ice age scare of the 1970's - that is how short peoples memory is!!!

Those who are still not convinced I would suggest you actually take the time and read the science reports produced by the 95% consensus - even that does not correlate with the propaganda pumped out to drive fear into the people and they are getting more sophisticated - they make you feel guilty - what better way to get the sheeple to push your agenda and police one another!

As I have clearly shown climate changes with time and follows cycles. What drives those cycles is not human development, but far more complex things. We are custodians of the earth. No person I have yet to meet has any proof of authority over any other human, and hence no person has a right more than another to cause harm, and that extends to our planet.

We do indeed have a problem and that problem has its roots in Babylon, and is around 5000 years old. It is time for humanity to dispose of the Babylonian Money Slavery and evolve to a more human society - that is progress. We throw away enough food to feed all yet for profit we choose to let people starve. Worse we use violence when we do not get our way killing millions of innocent people and immeasurable environmental damage! Unnecessary luxuries cause unnecessary damage to our environment causing harm to other creatures as well as other humans.

Humanity has a long way to go, fortunately we are on the upswing of the 12000 year processional cycle.... and I will be putting something very interesting together on that in the coming months that will hopefully get you to question everything you believe.... from ancient mythology to present day!



Having met Pierce recently and spending about 3 hours with him after his presentation at AV8 there is no doubt left in my mind that man made climate change is utter nonsense and has no basis in science!

Here is his summary and it so obvious the consensus of scientists are a bunch of fraudsters.... but then again we can only blame their paymasters..... funny how David Bellamy was a global icon until he stopped towing the line and disappeared from public view having his career shut down ........

You decide for yourself....


I would further recommend you research the electric universe theory as that explains a huge number of gapping holes in the big bang theory (a fraction of which is observable and the rest is unknown quantities which have resulted in mega revision to the original theory adding in black holes first and then dark matter........

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