My Offer of peace to my fellow humans, this 13th day of June 2017

Offer of Peace to my fellow Humans

I, the living human known as Marc Anton Paul of the Horn family, make the following statement of fact:

Immutable truth.

  1. All humans are born with equal authority as a result of creation (who or whatever that may be).
  2. No one has a contract, nor proof from creation to refute this.
  3. Accordingly there is but one law -

No human can  knowingly cause another creation harm.

Personal truth.

  1. I fully accept my responsibility for choosing to do nothing where I knew that my inaction would cause harm to other creations, as well as to the peaceful coexistence with my fellow humans.
  2. I fully accept where I had the knowledge causing harm to others was unlawful.
  3. I fully accept  where I caused harm in ignorance, creation (who or whatever that may be)  let me know in my heart, and yet  I chose to remain in ignorance by my freewill choosing not to gain the knowledge as to what caused the feeling.

Based on my above statement of fact, I offer to enter into contract with all fellow humans, including those yet unborn, the following terms of peace.

  1.  I will act in honour under the law as stated in my statement of fact 3. above, and will not knowingly cause another creation harm beyond the requirements of my survival and any and all lawful contracts I enter under my freewill from this day forth.
  2. I will act to the best of my ability to offer assistance to you in order to uphold the law as stated in my statement of fact 3. above,
  3. I seek your forgiveness where I have benefited from my unlawful actions, and I undertake to use my best abilities to make good material gains I have resulting from my unlawful actions in the past.

In return I expect.

You do the same.

Marc Anton Paul Horn, this 13th day of June 2017

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