History – How did we get into this mess? Part 2 – Roman Empire to today…..

To find the root of the powers that be History and money are a good guide!

From Egypt to Babylon people spread into Southern Europe....

Then they spread into Northern Europe and Russia.......

Then they spread into Africa and SE Asia.....

Then they spread into the Americas.

History tells us this was largely larger groups taking over "smaller tribal ares"

Is there a center from which this Conquer by the Law of Conquest occurred with substantiating documentation that follows the pattern?

Coincidentally there is and it is found in the list of Papal Bulls based in the Vatican!

Look at the dates Papal Bulls were issued, whom and for where..... matching pattern to the conquering shown above.

Vatican - Head office

London - the financial department (kept all its rights and privilege's since the days of the Empire...)

Paris - Legal Office - Guarantees independence to Paris University but associated with it since 1150..... and where have so many legal treaties been signed... Versailles just outside.... is this the Legal office? (Peace Treaty of United States in 1781... by the same founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.... ermm this one is pretty obvious boys I am afraid your  Declaration of Independence is worthless as Instead of kicking out the Vatican you let the Brits leave with their arms and were duped - same guys signed and hence peace treaty takes precedence... but notably also WWI, and WWII. Sorry this is NOT coincidence....

And as we all know the Vatican's policymen are based in the Pentagon!

There is much more on the internet - thankfully there are so many dedicated researchers around who have burrowed much deeper into the rabbit holes than I have!

So now we have a reasonably logical explanation as to who is the power behind the veil, let us go more into detail the last 300 odd years. I have 2 links here which are the closest to where my logic and reasoning have led me and it is so much better explained than I could or want to do here as for people to understand what I am proposing they need a clear idea and firm belief that this interpretation is an accurate explanation of how we got into this mess. Many details have been skipped over, but this is the first explanation that can purely be explained by normal human behaviour - no aliens or evil reptilians operating out of the centre of the earth (they maybe there but it would be from pre flood days but the obvious killer there is their tunnels would have been flooded so they must be pretty high up in the hills somewhere - I have no beliefs any which way)

So firstly where and how do the "secret societies" fit into this control system.... it is a pyramid scheme... yip you know like the one Maydoff was caught out with. Now a bit more understanding of Blak Magik..... the origin of occult is hidden knowledge.

So lets put some White Magik to this and throw some light onto the knowledge -what is their control system??? their weakness

No one knows what the person next door on all sides is doing, only the person directly above etc..... so only person at top knows the whole story...... Now I just had a thought (the pieces are just falling together as I am writing this - my first draft - might put in much more detail and references and make a book bit....) what has David Bolyes council of 12's and this have in common - those of you who are familiar with esoteric symbolism... it is the inverted triangle - the chalice - the female energy.

The pyramid is a symbol of male energy........... and I would suggest you watch Mark Passio's natural law workshop (about 8 hours in total but excellent and fantastic ground work to the Hermatica and Kaballa - which is about how creation occured and how to raise your frequencies to attain higher spiritual awareness states, which purely coincidentally has incredible similarity to the Kundulini's from the Indian tradition of Chakra's, both of which are from independent pre flood sources 🙂

The Hermatic principals are about unity - balancing the masculine (left brain logic) and feminine (right brain intuition) which are our polarities (the extremes of the rythm (wave) which must exist resulting from causality  - which is vibration.

It just fell into place - there is nothing as coincidence - there only exists a lack of understanding the cause!

On the left is the a very complex old esoteric symbol - the two triangles is what I am talking about... BUT it is hidden in plain site.... (This is important and I will talk about it in the next section) the black and white magik are UPSIDE DOWN and should be as shown on the right 🙂

To fill in a better understanding of the "Secret Societies" Black Magic - hidden knowledge.... this is what I believe is the most accurate from my research and is detailed. Info overload if you new to this. It goes through how they operate and you might see the link that they have NOT changed their methods. Black Magik is the male brain - no inspiration or creativity (and hence they know they need left brainers feminine to allow creativity and innovation) and this is why they are so predictive. Once you understand there methods you will see the signs everywhere around you!

So long as you get the simple picture - they are not creative and so are methodical. Get the general jist of their modus operandi. Notice how they change their names to suit purposes and blend in, and the importance of drugs.

Then continue and watch the next 2 videos to reinforce and add to information. Now note this is from 1971! That is 36 years ago - and judge yourself how accurate the projections are! Also get a basic understanding of political systems and economic systems and see how small government and participation are to a successful social system. Also see how from understanding history you can design previous mistakes.

You and the Law - Basics

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