History – How did we get into this mess? Part 1 – Ancient Egypt to Roman Empire…..

Remember George Orwell wrote 1984..... in 1949!

If we know how we got into this mess we stand a chance of getting out of it as we will be in control of the past. 

I don't want to go down the road of aliens and reptilians as for our immediate future that really is irrelevant. Once we out of this mess it would be nice to go back however lets start with our best first hand evidence.... The oldest written texts we have in the public domain which are the Sumerian tablets and Sanskrit texts. All talk about ancient civilisations.  There is growing evidence to support that there were civilisations pre Egyptian, Babylonian etc., and recently in Gobekli Tepli where there are excavations dating back to 12500 years that were intentionally buried.

All these referenced texts have the flood in common. 

What is common from what we have in mythology (from mythos "myth" (of unknown origin) + -logy "study." is its etymology) from South America, Central America, North America, Southern Africa, Far East, Australasia - they all have stories of a catastrophe and resulting flood.  

We have the Sphinx, Pyramids and now Golbeki Tepli and with today's technology we cannot replicate them.

Astrology is another common theme mentioned - they had incredible knowledge of the universe. This is evidenced all over the same texts and mythology. What is fascinating is they knew about the precession of the equinoxes, and in the Vedic texts even give that cycle a 24 to 25.6 thousand year cycle! We only worked that one out in the last 300 years!

The only logical reasoned conclusion that can be drawn is that the evidence points to at least one (possibly more) previous advanced global civilisation which was wiped out by the flood leaving isolated survivors around the globe. This clearly conflicts with Darwins THEORY of Evolution and there is an alternative which few people have heard of which is based on major "evolutionary changes" resulting from catastrophism, which cause dramatic rapid changes, and if you combine that with "Darwinism" there is plenty of evidence of both, but again this would be interesting once we get out of this mess to research!

A quick trip into today's world - highly integrated where due to the pursuit of profits we specialise production around the world. Imagine just a week of no power in any of the major cities. Not many would survive as the pure animal survival instinct kicks in ;eaving no reason or logic! On a larger scale nuclear war, EMP or any number of natural disaster would put us straight back to a condition similar to what the evidence points to happened after the flood. Isolated survivors who form small communities of those that survive the fight for food and water until they can survive off the land again.

What would happen to the knowledge base? There would be isolated people that will survive with advanced knowledge, however most will be working to survive. Once small communities develop how will people know when to plant and harvest crops? The only way is with knowledge of the stars, and I would suggest that is what happened after the flood.

So how might the knowledge be passed down generations after such a cataclysmic event?

Passing down verbal history and other knowledge would start orally. The best way to do that is not how we are taught in school, however  spin a bit of a yarn and it generates tremendous interest which opens the mind to learning. This is evidenced with the Bible which we all know literally makes absolutely no logical sense, however there are many allegorical interpretations of it and would suggest The Devils Pulpit by Rev Robert Taylor written in 1857 for the astrotheological interpretation. 

So what does that have to do with today's mess? To survive people need to do what they were best at so the elders most likely had the most knowledge. Just like before TV, they would tell the stories around the fire and the young would listen. The elders would take the less able to collect food that they knew was safe, and if not certainly would not experiment on themselves! As today some of us are better at learning, and others at other things. A result would be the elders would pick the best students and set up "learning centres for the selected few". From that a smaller group, observation and experience the knowledge base again would grow.  

Once agriculture was possible again people would start to specialise doing what they were best at.  What knowledge would they need - astrology to determine when to plough, plant, harvest and store.

So by keeping the knowledge the few became the "elite" as the bulks survival depended on that. Imagine you walked out and said off to bed everyone...... tomorrow we are digging the fields, and similarly when to plant and harvest. After a couple years of success those without the knowledge think you are a magician! Why because the knowledge is in the dark to their minds..... not hard to imagine the etymology of esoteric BLACK MAGIK, mysticism and even miracles, as well as WHITE MAGIK, being throwing some light on the knowledge making the "previous" trick available to everyone!

Just look at the debate on vaccinations and global warming today. Because the governments quote scientists everyone accepts the science as gospel. However as some peoples conscience begins to kick in leaks of knowledge happen. And just like today those that threaten the existing power structure get mocked, humiliated and shut up with threats of violence, and actual violence if they don't stop. Sound familiar? But a perfectly logical reasoned explanation of the development of the Free Mason, Illuminati etc. and other secret schools,  which can traced back to early Egyptian times. 

They knew then that knowledge was power - and knowledge has all ways been what occultism (hidden) was about. Nothing has changed. The motivation also has not changed being the EGO - I am more important than you so that means you must provide for me, and the is SLAVERY!

So what happens if brainwashing (today more political correct terms would be retraining, reprogramming etc but all are mental harm as installing a unequal outcome belief system on another for the personal gain which if not done with informed consent is unlawful) does not work?

Again let us look at today where we see nations bombing the hell out of others for what? The one doing the bombing have all they need? What is causing the fighting? Now go back to Egypt and apply the same behaviour. Alliance are formed for hidden agenda's which make no sense to the little guy, but rewards are given for good behaviour which includes sacrificing your life and that of your children for someone else! The loosers break away forming their own alliance selling it to gain followers as white magicians who are going to create paradise on earth..... and then reestablish themselves as black magicians so they can live of the labour of others, and that is most likely how the 3 main Aramaic religions formed! Nothing has changed! 

The same happened as Europe was colonised as the population grew, then Africa, Far East and Finally the America's and here we are today, In the same mess and we like to think we have progressed beyond apes? We are worse than apes - they do not go around willy nilly killing one another and the environment around them!

Based on what I see as human behaviour around me this makes logical reasoned sense - no aliens needed possibly until we go back in time from where my story started. and still today knowledge is kept, people are manipulated to sacrifice themselves and their loved ones in the same manner of sharing out the spoils to buy the keepers of the knowledge safety in the exact same manner where puppets are put in front just in case the people cotton on to how they are enslaved with very few minor modifications!!! Oh and we call that progress? The only thing we have progressed with is that we are much more efficient in killing one another and destroying our environment as we go about it! Modern slavery may be another area of progress depending from whose side you look ate it - the best slaves are the one that believe they are free!


Zooming now into more recent history - the smaller fractal which is the basis of MAPWave Analysis as detailed elsewhere on this site....... where is the hidden power now - know thy enemy!



Understanding this is critical as the whole basis of this is do you believe you are equal in authority  to monarchs, presidents, prime ministers, the Pope and every other human!

If you do not know that forget it - you will be enslaved for the rest of your life!

Under the law of creation, whom or whatever you may believe that to be, no one has proof of contract giving another human more authority than you. This is fact! Proof is first hand testimony or a written contract.

You are a human and hence NOT A NAME (especially in caps as I just wrote it because that is NOT English. It is another language commonly called Legalese. You do not speak or understand that language even though it sounds like English! It has its own dictionary and many words have same or similar meanings BUT not the important ones. That is why they force a lawyer / attorney what ever you want to call them as you sign over your rights with a power of attorney for them to represent you! So lets go back to your birth did you have a name? NO. Your parent chose a name for you and so YOU-ARE-CALLED-OR-KNOWN-AS .................. (now these capitals are a particular form of English which is in the Oxford English Style manual, however it is difficult to prove you were not shown it during your education in their schools (ever wonder why private education is reserved for the privileged?). Again the Policyman or judge will get somewhat irritated and may even threaten you! Either your mother or father was the "informant" of your birth. Who were they informing or why? They were threatened with intimidation and theft (via fine) if they did not conform and so unwittingly "registered" your birth (these contract is not valid under common law as there was not a meeting of the minds) to whom? We are all collateral for the "government debt" (same thing applies to anything you register eg car registration). This is done via a trust that you have not been told about (look up Ceste Qui Vie 1666) where as you would not be aware if you dont claim it within the 7 years you are deemed "lost at sea" and the beneficiary changes from you (the trust was your share of the "estate of the realm" (birth right does not exist as explained above - we all have an equal right to global creations as no one has authority to to stop you moving or seeking a living anywhere on Earth).  So what has happened here in legal terms (man made law - you were given your share of the estate which is acknowledged you are entitled to, however as you did not claim it within 7 years your "government" who is to be trusted and looks after your interest...... has taken control of your share of the estate) UNLAWFULLY, but LEGALLY - they just forgot to tell our parents......

My parents named me Marc Anton Paul (and is actually written like that on my birth certificate, but since then Countries have been restructured resulting from bankruptcy and our wonderful governments who look after our best interest privatised our countries and put them in the hands of the debtors.... I have stopped wasting my time going down rabbit holes as I am interested in finding solutions, however for that we need to understand our history as to how we got here) but here is the SEC listing for THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA


When we are born we personally cannot testify when or where we were born hence heresy if we claim that as fact. At our birth there are witnesses of the fact and hence they can state it as fact and that is proof. (so in any legal case you cannot state your birthdate as fact so you answer factualy - By hearsay I was was born ......... and the policyman and judge will go livid.

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