My Thoughts on MH370

I totally understand the frustrations of the poor victims of this tragedy and try to see where there is no working together, no sharing information and just plain lying. The new search itself is just plain stupid - you would have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack - They are looking in areas previously scanned by aircraft closer to the time of the disappearance and they hope to do better with an underwater search - get real! I seriously hope that they do find it, but have strong suspicions that they will find a plane, which unfortunately is too deep to recover with our technology and too dark to get conclusive evidence of it being MH370.


INCOMPETANCE  How on earth following 911 is it still possible to loose and airplane? I mean even small businesses have satellite tracking. Totally unbelievable!

FEAR: A big question to those in the west is the obvious one! How is it possible for an unidentified aircraft to fly over Malaysia and Thailand without the air force being scrambled, when we are happy to accept  in the Northern Sector of the US command without further consultation with the president it could have been blown out of the sky!

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak said the military's radar tracked what is believed to have been the Malaysian Airlines plane after it had turned back while on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.

'The military radar, the primary radar, has some capability,' Mr Najib said.

'It tracked an aircraft which did a turn back but they were not sure, exactly sure, whether it was MH370.

'What they were sure of was that the aircraft was not deemed to be hostile.'

So thanks to our fear we have let the extremist, for example Osama Bin Laden change the behaviour of millions upon millions of people and the West has wasted trillions on the war on terror, and guess what - there still are extremists! So big boy bully tactics have achieved absolutely nothing bar making a few richer thanks to the fear generated to manipulate the majority because they can no longer think for themselves! That is self interest, or as Adam Smith described it - THE INVISIBLE HAND

We need to change our behaviour not to repeat the same mistakes time after time as we have done throughout out history. BUT THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT......

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

Unless we change our behaviour I think this time will be no different!

LACK OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM AND FREE PRESS: How on earth can in one short press conference not one journalist pick up on the obvious contradiction? It may appear insignificant, but if you read the report released yesterday it could have a major impact on the search area! Last weeksBBC Horizon Where is Flight MH370 has no mention of the error of Inmarsat calculations. It is not surprising as if you have a free press and freedom of speech we would have checks and balances, however if you say the wrong thing then they close you down for a few days or even permanently!

 Coercion: How on earth is it possible that public information on flightradar24 is changed

Do any of you remember the concept of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?

According to Western Governments this concept no longer exists where in most countries you can be locked up without access to a  phone call and detained indefinitely without charges, and dream on if you think you will have access to a fair trial.

This concept of guilty until you prove yourself innocent goes way beyond this - look at the massive NSA revelations that have recently come out! No one is this naive to actually believe it is to catch terrorists! Oh but of course it must be because they are collecting data on each and everyone of us! Yes we are potential terrorists in their eyes because we threaten their "divine right" dare we elect to express our enshrined freedom of speech which is a cornerstone of most Western constitutions and now in many countries you will get locked up or fined or both if you demonstrate or do not have a permit for a public gathering, or worse your fellow citizens who are in the police or army will shoot you! What sort of insanity is this? Yes each of us is a potential terrorist if we threaten their freedom to take from us what ever they want. Just follow the free press, look at the tactics they use to shame innovators and hard working successful people. They are shamed and called tax dodgers and much worse! So how can the governments get away with this? Easy. The secret is democracy. You get the crowd rallying by playing with their emotions - so obviously it is the foreigners that are taking the jobs, or the rich that are dodging taxes, and then they vote for you because they are the recipients of the empty promises. The majority wins and because of the lack of independent thought that stems from inferior government controlled education the majority believe that you are doing what is best for them - self interest! So empty promise after empty promise. Research what Obama promised on his first election campaign, and see what he delivered on. The 2 big ones were Guantanamo where...... oh 1 went to a fair trial and was released and a large proportion of the troops from Iraq have been moved to Kuwait?? And guess what the idiot got re-elected! What a pathetic political system democracy is! Even in countries like Palestine the people do not even know they must not vote for the wrong candidate because otherwise they get funding cut! What are we talking here? Democracy or school boy bully tactics, as recently demonstrated with Kerry's recent visit with Malaki who the people of Iraq elected is being told how he must run the country if he wants to save his hide by getting US military support. Do we never learn? Of course not. Why not? According to Martin Armstrong "Because the passion of man does not change"

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  1. Marc says:


    herman – Submitted on 2014/08/25 at 03:33

    northern route must be followed, MH370 has not been the plane that was tracked by PSR and finally lost at 200nm Bearing 295 Butterworth AFB . BFO have no validity in hemisphere and airspeed determination. It was a HOAX Calculation on part of Prof Dr Ashton. The B777 had abarometric disturbance from the ambient pressure sensors , went up to compensate, Pilots see the barometric measurement as way too low and , kick out this A/P and even climb further into the wrong vertical direction,masks,too late,hypoxia,cockpit door locked. This airplane goes to a maximal deadly altitude and stays there,random heading, slight constant leftbank since these engines are in fact spinning left.A circle estimated radius 78 nm is flown , giving Pingrings. Between 22.41 and 00.11 we have a gap,this means ACARS was up’n running again with some VHF GND station.Nobody ever turned this ACARs OFF. Same the ATC transponder, Nobody had trned it off. ATC radar beam has a limit , Altitude -wise , aircraft to high or too low will not give repliance signals Code was set 2157 Altitude may have damaged barometry =unreiable , and Mode S of course 9M-MRO as long as BUAP has not been deployed. With BUAP an Ident signal can be activated fom a 3rd onboard transponder
    and the B777 can be located again by ATC. Also same by AWACs military /Air Police Airplanes. Many are available globally. Unknown amount CONUS eg. every F35 andmany AWACS C141’s , Unknown amount aircrafts and pilots in Hyers, the RX parabols are set up near Toulouse in AUSAUGEL France, and 4 Grumman AWACS jets are in Singapore operated by republic Singapore Air Force. I guess BAP was deployed, botched by somebody or something , introducing reason for classification . That was MH370 , MH17 a lot more mysteriousness and also classified rapidly. 297 families of victims must now learn => murdered /manslaughtered secretly .Kept secret in coordinated consensus wit USA EU Australia Belgium Malaysia.Bear with FLGovCand_gig in to stay “on the ball” with MH17 ,MH370 and possibly many more to come.

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