There is strong evidence what Kate saw was indeed MH370 and the reporting of the sighting and related question are on Cruisers Forum, where she has been a moderator for years (and now for a year or two has been selling advertising) posted for advice on what to do about what she saw. It has however become very apparent that there is no cooperation between the Responsible Authorities as well as between Investigating Authorities and the public are dealt with like mushrooms  (keep them in the dark and feed them a load of shit),  and from what I see If they find the plane it will be as a setup which will never be able to be verified with our current technology. There is a lot of expertise where members of the public are volunteering help which is wonderful and not a surprise, however their efforts are being frustrated by lack of accurate information so the facts appear very limited indeed. So the obvious starting point is resources! The  permutations are endless UNTIL information is laid out in the open for public scrutiny by all Authorities and that ain't gonna happen unless enough public pressure can be exerted! 

Just think of the jobs and money involved! Adam Smith called it the Invisible Hand which he published in 1776! As there are clearly numerous political implications of this example of the inadequacy of our political structures over the last few hundred, if not 1000's of years, maybe it is time we reviewed our behaviours and motivations unless we want to crash into Dark Ages II

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