What are the facts and figures?

I do not believe there is a correlation between global temperatures and green house gases as claimed by the climate change lobby, which previously presented the shock and awe tactics that sea levels are going to rise because he polar ice caps are all going to melt and the world is going to become a massive desert etc....

I would certainly agree they have an impact, however under a responsible moral of trying to leave the planet as a better place for future generations, to avoid the risks of unintended consequences etc... I feel that our impact should be minimised, however in a sensible manner balancing progress whatever that may be!

If we can build a little database of sources (please insert links to source documents wherever possible) and lets us see if as a crowd source see if we can actually put this into laymans terms and see what myths can be cleared.

So suggested sub-pages to start with are;

  • Global Temperatures - Records.
  • Greenhouse Gases - what are they and what are their sources as sub pages for each one with historical concentrations.

From this we hopefully can see if there are any correlations, but I do not believe mans impact in the Industrial Revolution has more than a un-measurable minor affect on rising global temperatures and the reason is simple - The sun alone can, irrespective of its solar cycle, taking a conservative diurnal temperature fluctuation, create a minimum of a 4C day and night temperature change over half the globe! So I dont think anyone argues that it is a significant impact!

Anyway lets see how this develops!

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  1. Marc says:

    and just when you need inspiration……

    Why “Global Warming” Failed & Why Climate Change is Real


    Global Warming Crowd Now Argue It is Cycles That Mask the Warming Trend?

    Fundamentally this highlights another problem within our society – minorities are taken as jokers and mocked and scorned eg the earth is flat! So you got to get a crowd of bullshitters who have self interest, and in Global Warming Al Gore was the one who stood to make money from this bullshit agenda, who perverse capitalism by diverting social funds to forward their agenda where the age old philosophy of if you say it often enough people will eventually believe it to be the truth and the real science become irrelevant as it is an inconvenience!


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