Are there rights or only natural laws – Is there a better way forward?

I am not sure where this will take me...but.... I know I want a better world than this..... which is only getting worse with our current implementation of democracy!

The survival of the Individual can only be achieved through access to land and water. The survival of the human species can only be achieved through association!

We know the human survival instinct will always prevail. If humans are endowed with reason and conscience, and that distinguishes us from the other species on the planet, should we not act towards one another within the spirit of equal dignity and rights, as we would wish them bestowed by others upon us.

Alternatively, should we just continue with the law of the jungle?

To live in harmony with creation we must understand the immutable truths of creation. From unhindered observation we can find patterns that best model our reality eg. physical, natural and social laws. As all is unknown in our reality, we must accept new knowledge and incorporate that into our best models of understanding continually.


Social Systems.

"Law" has but one purpose, to settle a dispute where one party feels harmed by another.

Since humans have lived, a system of dispute settlement must have been in place.

Looking at animals that would have been one based on when consent could not be reached then violence determined the outcome resulting in a master slave society. Unfortunately our current civilization of our documented  history (app 6000 years) still have not evolved beyond this stage. There have been and are still pockets of different social systems that appear to have evolved beyond the master slave social system such as some American Indian tribes, Bushmen and  Aborigines. Their philosophy was one of more as a caretaker of the creators earth, reflecting we are all one and are interdependent, so to cause harm to others is causing self harm.

Within family units I would imagine not much has changed - where if consent is not reached the bread winner rules until violence is needed by an aggrieved party.

As social units grew the interactions involved more people which must have increased the grievances. Through tradition a system of law must have evolved, and will have taken many forms. This results in social conditioning, or a false belief system where it opposes the immutable truths.

With the growing social groups over time, social knowledge increased and dispute settlement of numerous grievances was settled in a communal system of precedence and reflection on the outcomes which evolved into "Common law" or "Law of the Land". The basics would have evolved in isolated social groups based on one simple principle - if you want a peaceful society you need but 1 law - CAUSE NO HARM. There is nothing this does not cover!

Harm results from not understanding the immutable truths of the creator.

Principles behind cause no harm are the only ones which cannot be disputed and are immutable, and very logical as no human has proof from the creator of any authority over any of the creations in our reality of this world - we can all claim the creator told me!

A definition of harm would be any action (mental, verbal or physical) or inaction, in any form or manner, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly causing a grievance to another.

For peaceful co-existence the outcome of a grievance can only be settled through agreement. Any other form will result in resentment, and hence if society wants to live in peace then the basis of any further man made law must follow this principle in the evolution of its belief system!

Anything other than informed consent for interaction can only result in disharmonious social systems.

Hence for social harmony there must be a principle of give and take - a negotiation to find a win win situation where compromises are traded with informed consent by participants living in a social group.

As populations grew pressure on hunting, grazing and agriculture, contact between isolated groups inevitably would cause more harm and so the complexity of social control systems evolved taking many forms, however all seem to have moved to a divorce of the majority from the ruling elite, which resulted in the start of codified social laws by a select few imposed upon the rest. This divorce largely removed consent and allowed beneficial "favours" to a few which is where we are today in most of the world. Destruction of human life through wars and starvation. Destruction of the environment. Extinction and killing of animals and plants. The list is endless.

The only conclusion I can logically think of comes from my understanding of the immutable truths of creation.

All is in the mind - our thoughts manifest into actions and are based on our beliefs which come from our social conditioning, quest for truth and ability to process observations into wisdom.

Correspondence - if there is chaos or discord in smaller social groups this will spread into large social groups.

Vibration / Duality and Rhythm will take time for the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction once the extreme is reached. The extreme is the level of vibration i.e. the average social perception of a situation. As people have different social conditioning, experiences and aspirations some will be ahead of the crowd and some behind - there will always be extremists.

Once the pendulum reaches its extreme that will cause the change on its journey back to the other extreme.

Gender is about male and female traits - we have moved to the masculine side of the balance where force rules as opposed to the feminine caring traits.


Wisdom is truthful observation of facts (what has happened is fact), looking for the causes and manifestations that are paired dualities, on the large as well as small scale and then acting to implement a new solution after exploring to the best of our ability possible outcomes. A good solution will raise the vibration frequency and that is reached by balancing the masculine and feminine traits.


We do not need to reach the extremes.

Through understanding to the best of our social knowledge, the sum of every individuals perceptions past and present, we get a better understanding of what the truth of anything is. Similarly from thorough knowledge of the causation of situations we can make better future decisions. This way we can reduce the extremes of the cycles and learn to live with those that we have no solution yet.



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