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UPDATED 27 September 2016

I have been trying to understand this madness going on around us on this wonderful planet and there must be a reason for it because there have been so many breaks of wave counts and hence something is colliding with the shorter term cycles.

One foundation stone of my work is human behaviour is the cycle I am trying to follow in the "free markets", and the age old argument about it being manipulated. Yes markets are manipulated, but if we can understand why then we can look for markers, and these markers will be participants behaviour. Currently there is very little public participation so in order to fleece us sheeple will not happen yet. They need to create the bull market first and this is what we need to be looking for.

I have no doubt in my mind following much research that the New World Order is the agenda and am putting together some stuff to explain my findings which hopefully over the next week I can post something.

Quickly an outline..... why is it politicians can lie so blatantly without recourse? This can only be because of knowledge that there will be no recourse!!!! For that there must be hidden control from the voters. There is a huge amount on this conspiracy theory! We all know there is no investigative journalism and we are fed via main stream media (MSM) or as it is more and more being referred to as PRESSTITUTE, however that would imply paid to tell someone else's story. I would argue this is not the case as the hidden powers (someone else's story) are actually the owners! This means it is indoctrination to their agenda. We all know the power of the press, but this is not limited to newspapers, but extends into TV, and Hollywood!

Following the money the concentration of the brainwashing machine is amazing! A handful of companies control possibly as much as 95% of what people see and base their views on, and I have posted elsewhere how people behave..... So all this is nothing new to me.

What really is of concern though is the divide and conquer. What drives people to have no compassion for fellow human beings and are quiet happy to kill, maim and drive the sheeple into poverty and barely subsistence without remorse and often publicly lying as I said above. Through fear it is easy to control the masses which is age old tyranny - the law of the jungle! But to treat fellow humans in such a manner without humanity is psychopathic, insanity!

Through many, many hours reading much and watching many documentaries and following the money it all ways leads back to control behind the scenes. This sort of behaviour we are not born with - I did not find out about racism until I moved to Kuwait when I was 14 and being german they would all ways tell me "Hitler zain"... Hitler was good!!!! The injustices through the law was amply clear... Royal family total freedom except public murder... first class kuwaiti's, second class kuwaiti's western foreigners, third world foreigners..   etc and the same system is found the globe over. What is common, why does it always end up with one man living off the fruits of the labour of many? Other than greed and power there is no reason! But what is the end game? With greed through power the law of the jungle persists so through fear of death the system survives - so enough needs to trickle down to give hope. Once the hope is gone then natural instinct of survival kicks in and it turns violent. QED!!! But this raises the question once everyone is dead and the powerful have everything there is no option but to turn against one another! There is absolutely no other option! So there must be another agenda and into the world of conspiracy theories....

What explains the wide spread psychopathic murderous behaviour?

Widespread can only be achieved over time unless direct open force is used, and it is not the later! Psychopathic murderous behaviour can only be achieved through mind control or a different species in control of power. The closest mind control I can see is suicide extremists of any denomination, not only "muslim terrorists" as we have been brainwashed into assuming. People who are willing to give up their lives for a cause.

Greed hence cannot be the motivation which leaves control as the driving force. In short money gives access to control to reach motivation.

So first to find the motivation.

Is it religious? Despite much of the preconception many people have of the 3 mainstream religions if you go back to the source, the bible, quran and tora this insanity does not steam from these beliefs. None of them have a motivation that would or could explain what is happening around us! Still today there is a Jewish population in Iran of about 10000!

The most interesting document which would explain much of the insanity going on around us is The Protocols of Zion. Who wrote it or the supposed Jewish connection is of no interest to me, but as a template to explain the current madness it is a good model! This document is an extremist ideology and has the cover of hiding behind religion, and through history we have seen this many many times and today it is being portrayed as Islamic Terrorists!

The jist of it is one of a superior race using any means possible, controlling media, education for mind control of the masses into accepting authority (on average people watch 18 hours of TV a day), the transfer of wealth through economic games and servitude (control of money, indebting by non concensual informed consent) through any means possible (secrecy, lying, surveillance, force) Starting to sound familiar?

All the claims if this is forgery or who wrote it (the blame game) because no human would overtly put their name to such a horrific social system the earliest claim to this document goes back to 1895. I urge you to read even just a bit in the Wikipedia entry as that has been sanitised to what is acceptable for the powers that be and that is horrific enough! It is nothing to do with religion - it is a social systems laws - ZIONISM, nothing to do with Judaism. Look at the list on the bottom of this page which could be such a group. This must be understood as any means possible includes cover your tracks and blame someone else - Make a PATSY! I have no doubt due to the facts of this belief system explaining what is going on around our wonderful planet. I believe this document was the first written document of the plan, which due to its horrific nature was previously only verbally known, and then only parts to different people and the whole only to those at the top allowing secrecy if people opened their mouths (dissidence from within) whilst maintaining its continuity if odd people here and there get exposed - a common structure for covert agendas by those who control it! So how far back this goes is any ones guess but some conspiracy theorists have traced this back to 2000 BC!!! What is clear to me though is today this conspiracy is being perpetrated, and hence is no theory!

For recent events - to get some idea of why our world is how it is, I would recommend the following evidence (I do not necessarily agree with the peoples motives) but have done a huge amount of checking what they say and very little appears non factual for you to make up your own mind. I wish to expand the many facets over time with the objective of seeing how a peaceful as possible solution can be found  to make a more just and equitable world for all, where perversion is controlled and avoided. A social system should be for the prime reason to benefit the whole first and foremost - MANKIND AND THE PLANET, and not the individual.

The history is important for if we know and understand how we got here we can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. I hope you will participate and share in my journey.

The objective is simple - Where does my freedom end?

15 May 2012

I have provided you with pure technical analysis without reference to any news or substantiation from any other source or influence – oh and it still works 100 years later! NOTHING HAS CHANGED and we still let our governments control the economy and money!

There is plenty historical evidence and as highlighted in Greece Exit, Euro-Zone Collapse, Spain and Portugal Will Follow Within 6 Months  AUSTERITY IS NOT THE SOLUTION, and with the UK officially falling back into recession. PRINTING MONEY DOES NOT WORK EITHER!

Any 5 year old can tell you if you have $5 and an apple costs $1 you can only buy 5 apples as well as telling you that money does not grow on trees!

To reinforce my point I have given you plenty of examples and I have mislead you on a number of things, MAP Waves being  new  where in fact they were just Elliot’s Motive Wave, despite not being in the featured articles Gold and Silver Profiting from Peoples Predictability  got  more views than part 1, 2  &  3 within the first 24 hours, and within 10% of part 4! I have manipulated and brainwashed you. Time for you to stop being one of the 3P’s!

And any lawyers out there, sorry there are no duty of care cases you can make a quick buck on, “ adhere to a standard of reasonable care” if the standard is rubbish then that is all you need to provide!

And sorry folks – we can’t blame the regulators or government either – remember you voted them in and you cannot sue yourself – isn’t democracy as practiced wonderful??

It is time to change our behavior and accept our social responsibility. Democracy is NOT about absolving responsibility and blaming others and complaining  that you have no choice! You do – vote with your money. Set up name and shame blogs such as  I Paid a Bribe, use Nadeem; s Consumer Watch, Set up local petrol station prices and watch how quickly the price of petrol will start to track the price of oil! Have you noticed long excuses get made (Bull%^&*) as to why prices go up the day after oil goes up but takes months to go back down? Set up local ones in your area to force change by setting consumer standards and voting with your money!  Martin Armstrong offers more suggestions in his latest article and had numerous publications on the history of the economy, and examples of what absolute powers results in unless we change our behavior!

 PUT PRINCIPLES ABOVE PROFIT – MAKE PRINCIPLED PROFITS – That is what sustainable capitalism is where the rubbish should be allowed to fall by the wayside to innovate new ideas to generate new wealth! 


Approximately 10% of new business ventures are successful! The young are the innovators. Is it not better to offer a safety net to encourage innovation and generate new wealth? Wee will allways have the extremists that sponge off society but one of them may come up with that brilliant idea that generates the new wealth from which we can all have a better quality of life! Is it not time to rethink and MAKE THIS TIME DIFFERENT!

What made America the world power? Innovation by immigrants that fled for a better future due to multiple reasons! And now look at the protectionist sentiment - keep the illegals out - have we already forgotten that once our forefathers also migrated for a better future? Let us not be complacent and sit on our fore fathers laurels and let it all go to waste MAKE THIS TIME DIFFERENT!

We all complain about manufacturing going to China. You the consumer have voted with your money to buy better value for money goods and drove manufacturing to where it is! Now it is time to pay the price. What is wrong with spreading the wealth more evenly, all be it in countries other than our own. Why are we wasting our money subsidising inefficient and outdated industries? Let the wealth be spread around and let innovation flourish to generate new wealth. MAKE THIS TIME DIFFERENT!

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  1. Jay says:

    Thank you Marc for your continuous initiatives and efforts.

    I would like to share below interview for educational purposes.

    Dutch professor van Wolferen: US addicted to enemies for worldwide dominance.
    12 oktober 2016

    Professor Karel van Wolferen talks about America’s addiction to having enemies, for unlimited control and fullspectrum dominance, braindead Europe, journalistic selfcensorship and other crucial geopolitical facts not covered by the mainstream media.

    Karel van Wolferen was born in Rotterdam in 1941. He is emeritus University Professor for Comparative Political and Economic Institutions at the University of Amsterdam. This position was created with the aim of stimulating novel forms of inquiry transcending established academic disciplines. He is currently engaged in writing a book for simultaneous publication in Europe on the consequences of current American foreign policy, and the necessary formation of a collective European political voice for the preservation of stable and peaceful world order. His longer term project entails a study on how flawed political and economic theories block a better understanding of the realities in the post-Cold-War world, and how knowledge of Asian institutions can help us discern these realities.

    Professor van Wolferen has been active on behalf of journalistic causes, and served as treasurer and president of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan. He has written extensively about the Japanese political economy, and its conceptual challenges to orthodox economic thought. He specializes in the dynamics of Japanese political institutions, theory and practice of globalization and contemporary capitalism, and the re-examination of fundamental economic concepts. In recent years he has written extensively on the changed role of the United States in world affairs, and has advocated that Europe and the East Asian region develop a new truly post-Cold-War diplomacy to cope with common problems. His articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, Foreign Affairs, The National Interest, The New Republic, The Washington Post, Le Monde, The Los Angeles Times, Die Zeit (Germany), Chuo Koron (Japan), Bungei Shunju (Japan), Gazetta Slovo( Russia) and numerous other publications.

    Professor van Wolferen’s book ‘The Enigma of Japanese Power’, which has been translated into twelve languages, is generally considered to provide the most elaborate intellectual support of what has been called the “revisionist” view of Japan. His analysis is well-known and appreciated among the most prominent reformist politicians of Japan. He has gained a large Japanese readership with some sixteen books (with a total of well over a million copies sold), on political, economic, and historical issues relating to Japan as well as on problems of political change and global compatibility among economic system


  2. Siu Tsang says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your research effort and insightful thoughts. We’re definitely living in another major chaotic/volatile/unpredictable period in world history. IMHO, this time the impact will truly be global due to the advance in communication. It will touch almost all part of the world. A result of the enormous sovereign debt amounts accumulated after 2009 by many countries directly or indirectly, voluntary or involuntary.

    Perhaps, it is by design. Drive the world situations into bipolar extremes – financially support the extremists in both camps, let the crashes begin and rip the benefits from aftermath. Sound familiar. WWI & WWII. This time will be driven by different driving forces with different tools (mainly financial engineering this time around), different participants in different setups with different planned scenarios which will produce different outcomes but with similar scripts.

    Hopefully, we can use our knowledge and intelligence to navigate and to survive this dangerous period with minimal amount of damage/harm. But I am afraid that’s wishful thinking because I felt there is no place to hide this time around unless as being part of the hidden controls. However, we shouldn’t get discourage and do nothing. Please keep sharing. Together we can combat the battle smarter. Be safe and be on alert.

    Thanks again for what you’ve done.

  3. Hermann says:

    For me my freedom ends there that of my neighbour begins.
    But this is widely seen diffrent by others.

    You can count on me to help make this time diffrent.

    The Protocols is only one fictional source of many like 1984, Brave new World, Bericht von Iron Mountain and less well known ones that are even more concrete with the forecasts and the now unfolding outcome, not to forget the bible itself let us know about the mark.

    It surely has nothing to do with a single country or specific people.
    A part of my family tree ended existance with the Holocaust. But with my grandpa being a captain at the frontline others in the family were spared. So who is the victim and who is to condemn? It seems to me a search to the fountain.

    Control is a strong motive, but not for things that breed perhaps for thousands of years.
    For change is the only thing that is stable in the world history no organisation can last that long distances uncovered with such a plan without a religious belief and rituals. The believe is in the evil that has many names. It is in the core an occult motivation.

    So this is an very old story, a conflict that is imposed to us. With your knowledge Marc it is key for us to fight first what is imposed to us inside of us or long lasting success cannot be achieved, neither with MAP nor in changing the outside.

  4. mapportunity says:

    Help make this time different!

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