What makes people and societies successful depends on how we define success! Here I want to develop ideas further for a better future for individuals and society. The basis assumption is that we differ from all animals in that we have the power to reason (which is a huge assumption!) - Adam Smith in 1776 identified "The Invisible Hand" which appear to manifest in excessive "Self Interest"  and it is a matter of designing a system whereby social interaction is controlled to minimize opportunity (it is not possible to outlaw natural laws) for abusing the human behaviour of "self interest" 2014-06-29

Informed (having good basic subject material understanding(theory and historical as well as practical))  group decisions, even though they take longer to make, all ways will be better than the sum of the best single individuals decisions (experts in a narrow field)!

This is why we live in groups and not as single people wondering the planet on our own. Humans are social animals and I feel that because we have the power to reason there is no case that can justify the use of violence - be that through physical force or coercion by any means.

Your freedoms and rights end once there is interaction with any one else. interactions need to be negotiated meeting the following two criteria;

  • Physical ability of the interacting parties must allow fulfillment of the undertakings from the interaction. NO PHYSICAL COERCION
  • Understanding of the interacting parties must be informed (unbiased best latest available knowledge - by definition this is an iterative process that allows revision of  interaction as new knowledge becomes available 2014-06-29) to allow the  fulfillment of the undertakings from the interaction. (and debate to understand the undertakings - roles and responsibilities - of all possible affected parties) NO MENTAL COERCION.

Societies imposition to curb your rights ends if any interacting parties can demonstrate they have fulfilled the above criteria!

What does not  effect you is none of your business, and you have a say in what does effect you.

We all have individual basic needs - food, water, protection from the environment. Our natural behaviour will over rule any thing else - survival - ECONOMIC

Once those needs are met then we progress to groups where each individual is better off than being on their own - SOCIAL

It is the interaction of that transition that needs to be managed for the benefit of the group -  POLITICAL

Hence Ecosociolitical Ideas!!! We are all effected by it so start to take an interest before we have more wars and possible let the bankers in their greed drive us into another dark age....

Ecosociolitical Capitalism - We are all different and so we must stop this nonsense of equality! Most 2 year olds can distinguish between man and woman, old and young, pink, blue black and white, fat thin etc... WE ARE NOT EQUAL!

What we should be practicing is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, starting from access to quality education, and meritocracy for getting the best people in for the job, and where bad business models fall by the wayside, where success is rewarded and failure is not scorned upon but rewarded by societies safety net or social system and is accepted as part of the cost to society towards innovation which is what generates wealth - not only measured in GDP!

In order to achieve that we need the rule of law, which must be equally available to all and not only the rich!

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