GBP sterling £ – The Death of an Empire – Beware US!

This  base chart is readily available on the internet and I cannot find a source for it so, can't vouch for its accuracy suffice to say it follows MWA and MAP wave count which is beyond coincidence, and is an excellent demonstration of the fractal nature of waves!  This highlights how context to analysis is gained and the importance of data for analysis.

longtermGBPUSD1782 MAP Analysis

GBP was king until the mid 1800's. The graph is pretty obvious. The actual numbers shown are also readily available on the internet.

The empire had reached its peak in its arrogance, and as historically evidence shows, all empires collapse, and that the majority of the collapse takes a short period of time... in the case of the £ from its high in 1864 it lost over 50% by 1881, a mere 17 years!

This coincides with the hand over to the US following the war of independence  which was pretty much complete by the end of WWI with the US spreading its wings largely after WWII with its imperialistic goals of spreading its empire under the illusion of freedom and democracy..... hmm but why do we no longer have rights? and why do we live in police states???? Oh that must be because of ...... urmmm.... damned this must just be my cynicism........

Would strongly suggest you watch this video. Extremely enlightening and I am not a conspiracy theorist.....

F William Engdahl - Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order

Yip all empires die from within and the US will be no different..... we only got another 16 years of their crap and hopefully that ends Marxism for good and provided we don't nuke ourselves we might reach the age of enlightenment!

Back to analysis.... Using the numbers shown on the chart for the pivots the above lines have been transferred onto my charting software for further analysis into what is going on with sterling and does it tell us anything regarding BREXIT. So this shows the lines MWA uses, with MAP Wave counting and they are pretty convincing and indeed fit as was suspected in the above chart.

GBP last 200 years and next 100

If we now zoom into the last 100 years. Here we can see on the yearly interval that we still have to make a further low below the 1985 low of 1.052 against the dollar and that means the new highs for the dollar!

GBP Collapse of the Empire Handing over to USA

And finally into the last 40 years.

GBP 1974 to current

Above I have highlighted the M-2-3-4 cycle fork and we can see that the Thatcher changes have started the trend change as prices did not break the MLL, and this was confirmed by the pound breaking out of the MLU. If we then look at the M345 fork we can see within her term she managed to generate a good recovery as the pound recovered to reach the ML and were at the point of breaking out to change the trend when John Major took over, and his term was somewhat disastrous, but still there was residual confidence so as not to reach the MLL by the time Tony Blair took office where after a brief marginal high things turned down somewhat and broke the MLL which is never a good sign.... but managed to rebuild some confidence, however prices failed to reach the W012ML as can be seen below, and as a result prices dropped to the M345MLL SP once Brown took over office - he never gained the confidence of people and was disastrous. What is interesting here is that the 2009 low just broke the 2001 low, which means either that is noise and we get one more high above 2.116 before turning to new lows, or we have had a wave failure..... the BREXIT vote will confirm this!

GBP Blair years

It needs no explanation of the coalition governments performance and from the performance of the GBP since the conservatives won a majority election in 2015 the pound has broken further support and is at a critical position now within reach of the critical support at 1.3685, closely followed by the downtrend confirmation to new lows at 1.3504.

Below we zoom into the monthly interval now we can see how precarious the pound is currently is in summary so far the pound is below the m345MLL, below its SP and has a 80% chance from wave rules of making a new low below 1.0520. Below we can see prices are below the previous W ML (purple down sloping) which indicates strong momentum to the downside on that fractal. However on the latest W cycle fork prices are hugging the MLU which is positive, but not very because they are below the purple down sloping ML, which means if we get a new low then it is going to drop rapidly to the next support level which is to challenge 1.052...


Of interest with BREXIT though is the orange triangle! the W0-1-2MLU is the down sloping red resistance line which prices have not been able to break above since late 2014. That together with the up sloping blue d-1-2-3MLL form the election triangle.... prices will break out of here by late June....  The SP of d0-1-2 cycle fork (down sloping blue dashed line) extends that out to the end of August begging the question is the referendum going to be delayed until August?

So can we tell which way the vote is going to be? The analysis tells us in all probability the pound is going to make new lows.  What that means is people need to loose confidence in the pound as it will drop as a result of capital outflows. What might cause that to happen? Most certainly a vote to stay in Europe so I am afraid the UK will sink first with Europe. MWA only gives  a 20% chance of exiting - the break of 1.3685 in 2009!

The Brits are still too fat and comfortable for real change that is required to generate the motivation for Britain to abandon it socialist nonsense and hopefully lead the world into an era of enlightenment and freedom unknown to mankind, where democracy is by the people for the people, and markets are free instead of privatised profiteering and social losses caused by the corruption of the law for the select few. A society where we need to accept our limitations - physical as well as mental that we are all different instead of this equality nonsense, and it is time we were allowed to develop to our aspiration within our potential  where equal opportunity is rewarded as opposed to protectionist minority corruption.

' The big trend is an uprising against corruption globally! Playground bullies are being attacked and unfortunately Britain is still the tail of the wagging American poodle. People are fed up of the corruption. This is a global problem and not something confined to the third world. People who reveal the truth like Assange and Manning are labelled terrorists and now anyone that disagrees with government can be arrested, in fact it is that bad that they can actually arrest you without reason or any rights. Just look at the abuse of these powers

10's of thousands of jobs in Brussels need Britain to stay and as you can see it is already getting nasty - bully tactics, corporations threatening to leave, but worst of all is the governments abuse of funding for BREXIT where Official designation brings with it the right to spend up to £7m ($10m), to send a free mailshot to all households, to make a number of campaign broadcasts and to receive £600,000 of taxpayer funds,  and the government spent over £9m just with one leaflet. You saw how easy it was for Brussels to change the will of the Greeks when they were promised a referendum to exit Euro. A bit of money buys a lot of politician!!!!

Goldman knows you just need to negotiate the price, even the lefties have a price - ex labour prime ministers, democrats and Republicans in US, and Draghi like most European politicians comes from guess where -oh Goldman!

This is the same reason Trump is so popular and by the next elections both Germany and UK will have a rising third party - people wonder how UKIP got 12.6% of the vote and only 1 seat in 650 - this clearly highlights that your vote actually does not count as those in power make the rules to increase their chances of staying in power!

In Germany a couple weeks ago ADF won and the establishment publicly stated they will do what they can to kick them out! This is just another example of the peoples learning curve - the big trend is the youth are fed up of the corruption and lack of opportunity as are the savers and pensioners where their life saving are not enough to survive on feel the broken promises! The time to pay the piper is coming.

With the UK a lot of German money is buying British companies, and in my last visit in Andorra 2 people I know just sold multi million dollar businesses to them. The reason is they know that Europe's days are numbered, and Euro crunch time is fast approaching. They are pushing for BREXIT and see that as the way to save themselves. If it is a vote to stay in that give a few more years as they will sink with the rest of Europe, and this money will be moved out of UK causing the collapse of the pound before the Euro. If the vote is to leave then Britain moves onto US timeline - Europe collapses first. They both will collapse before US which is where all the money will end up and just like previously lead to the stock bubble in 1929 and Japan.

BREXIT will not succeed with this referendum.

It certainly is in a cyclical position for rebirth! Sooner or later natural justice will prevail. Historically revolution has been violent.

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  1. Nice work here, learned a lot. Very fascinating what is possible.

    @Marc, Could you maybe make a camtasia video where you show a chart from scratch and build up the analyse. Just thinking out loud..

    Thanks any way..

  2. ssank says:

    Very interesting article. It’s fascinating how MWA is able to estimate the likelihood of Brexit. Can you elaborate on how the 2009 low being lower than 2001 implies a higher high above 2.1? As I understand, we are in a 5th wave down from the 2007 high, so how do we relate subwaves in the current wave to subwaves in the previous one?

    • Marc says:

      From Q-3, I have labelled M2 and M4. That would make previously labelled Q-4 into M3, and prices would have to break that high to complete 5 waves up which would then become Q-4 to be followed by a new low.
      The problem with this bullish option (it is the only possible bull count!) is largely 2 fold – the main one being the break of M2 in this count! and also it would just need to equal last months low to complete that 5 waves to make that W2 In theory possible and if you acutaly wanted to work with waves you really could instigate policies to generate this outcome as a decision maker!

  3. A great example of integrating superb analytical tools with political and economic trends and cycles. A lot to think about and learn.
    Thanks Marc.

  4. Hermann says:

    Your analysis of historical long term trend goes far above money. This analysis and the chart shows fate of a nation/empire like a clockwork.
    It is unbelievable. Just look at the first long term chart. In 1914 the downtrend from the bubble and the longer uptrend of GB met and the decision for war brought the country on the down path. This was likely after loosing power it is common that empires strike back and in doing so destroy what they build up. But for me the great new knowledge is the greater possibility of another future. So far you show 20% possibilities of alternative outcomes with your analysis, be it 5% this would be far more than i thought would be possible!
    Imagine GB had ran at the long term uptrend line to 1980-1985 meeting the yearly downtrend line from bubble. But in the long run such decisions must be confirmed. Look at that timeframe . A GB with such strength it would be unlikely again to elect for example Thatcher a breaking the last downtrend line. This because when people are healthy , they always get fad and of guard so corruption rises and people who are good and have big potential are prevented to reach any position of influence. They always come to power when things are so bad, that nobody wants the seat anymore, for there is nothing to rob anymore or they see it as too deadly because people/ extern enemys are so mad about government that they will surely get killed.

    So most likely in not joining 1.WK Britain would have go down in the 1980s anyway.
    That is the unbelievable part. This lines seems to show alternative futures and approaching the crossing points anybody who has the right mind can see what decisions led to a good or bad outcome.
    For our days this can only mean if there is no Brexit for a rigged election and people accepting that/ not controlling enough GBP will break the last yearly long term uptrend line sinking to the very end of the down channel. This can go very quickly with collapse and than a quick retest of uptrend line from below can happen. This with the most likely outcome of failure and than some centuries of downside action before the yearly uptrend hits the upper line of downtrend channel and it would be time for rebirth or go the way of vanished empires/nations into the history books.
    A Brexit could therefore still bring a likely succesful test of the yearly uptrend line in collapse and than needs to be proven two times meeting the downtrend lines in the decades ahead.

    For reading such things your analysis reach to a level with that of Marthy. This with using the KISS principle so much easier to follow and also apply for ordinary skilled people.

    I think it can really give a great benefit to combine the approaches of Marcs Map Wave analysis and Marthys Pie cycles.
    At least it will better show the probabilities of the diffrent futures in a way skilled people does not need to believe but see for themselfs. If such things are really in the awareness of a critical mass of people say 1% – 5% than this can alter the future for our benefit. Marthy can add his combined approach to forecast all that happens together, for altering one element can normally not succed in a connected world. But in the moment MA approach can not reach its goal on its own, because it obvious needs his genius to really see the whole picture now.

    Practical i would be curious to apply Marcs long term Map Wave analyis on my home country Germany. This would be obvious far more difficult, because history charts of currency clearly shows the deaths and rebirths of Germany with gaps, phase transitions and collapses. Here i would say to grap the picture the data would need to go back to mediveal times and bring in the fractal nature of the country with multiple currencies in Frankonian empire since the secession from France and Belgium etc. I for myself would see no way to a accomplish that perhaps Marthy can do such things. So here for chartworks it would be analysing of the € and after its death, that i hope to see for myself in lifetime a hopefully fractal Germany again. Because i think that is the only way we here can bring the world our part of knowledge for good. I am convinced a no country but nation divided in local regions on their own will be the role model Germany often wanted to be.

    • Marc says:

      A lot to go through, but essentially I find it fascinating and agree that decision points are there – and if we choose we can create wave superposition as we have no idea in the bigger fractals where we are, and even if we did we can create wave superposition!!!

  5. Evi says:

    Hi Marc, you are getting better and better with sharing your analysis and thoughts… hope Marty also has a login to your site – think he would like your posts 😉 The biggest problem I still have is to identify from which pivots you draw the forks/lines – i.e. find M234 and then to M345 I have a hard time to quickly spot the pivots and am not able to redraw the forks myself (think once one knows how to redraw, then the concept is understood). Often you only draw the ML so you don’t get too many lines, right? Best, Evi

    • Marc says:

      The ML is always the initial target for pivot 1 on the smaller fractal. hence if monthly fork – orange, the smaller fractal is weekly which is red hence looking for weekly (red pivot) on ML
      So yes primarily it is to declutter charts.

  6. Joel Kamor says:

    Great piece Ty!
    When is training?

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