GBP, Euro and US$ and BREXIT – What lies ahead?

Brussels together with Google Power will win BREXIT. Worth the read and watch out how Google will be dealt with in the Anti monopoly cases with the EU. Absolutely no payback - I am sure Google will do this from the bottom of their hearts!!!

Britian is doomed to sink with Europe, and looks like that will seriously will no longer be sustainable beyond mid 2017!

GBP is in a narrowing range contained by the resistance and support shown. This is generating a vast amount of energy due to subwave formation which is going to result in a rapid move thereafter, and it looks like it will be a quick drop of upto 5% to test 1.383 in July. This will be followed by a further drop, but more slowly with another 2% to the 1.35 support by Q4.

GBP WC 6 June

The obvious question is what is going to happen to the Euro. Well it too is in a narrowing range and will after some euphoria fail to break 1.17 before resuming its downtrend to retest the 1.08 support towards the end of this year.

Euro WC 6 June

Time is running out for the Euro and next year the self destruction path the Europeans are allowing their politicians take them down will become much more vocal and physical unless the Europeans can find constructive ways to direct their anger as they wake up to the lies and deceit emulating from behind the curtain!

So where is the money going to flow?? Only one place it can - the USD which is expected to make a low leading into BREXIT, testing support around 92.7 before capital flows out from all the disappointed Brits and Europeans!

USD WC 6 June



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  1. Hermann says:

    Here comes the count for USD-JPY.
    I count it inverse to gold as most do, because the numbers are far easier to read. So a high is a low in gold and a low is a high in gold this year.

  2. Hermann says:

    Have an article about Gold, USD and Yen.
    But it fits under this umbrella since things connected together since Brexit.

    Many see that Gold-USD and JPY-USD are highly correlated since 2016 and even more so since 2017.
    The binding between Gold and JPY is surely the status as a currency and the USD. For me USD seems center of the three with highest gravity.

    I must think of the pendulums from Marcs video. Sometimes they go in match with each other for a time.
    So i assume it is proper to look at the counts if one is clearer as the other in this married times.
    Indeed USD-JPY chart seems to be easier to read this time.

    Over all the trend is up for the USD since 2012 . From Jun 2015 on i have a clear count with forks always hitting the ML in the big picture.
    The pivot i consider a +4 is not in line with that. The pivot 2017-4-18 gives a clear reading as a pivot but not clear if it was +4 or a fractal lower.

    So i do not know the short term move. But the longer term trend seems stable for a up move in the USD to the 130er. Only a drop under 99 will prove a trend break.
    So i still see a good chance for a lower low in Gold too. After that of course a big rally especially for gold. Gold moves far more volatile than JPY over decades so far.

  3. Hermann says:

    OK GBP was a failure. It was only the -1 wave on the smaller fractal.

    • Marc says:

      I have just posted gold update – August next decision point – Merkel will win and at a guess Euro will make its final high but will do Euro now and post later today. That will increase EU arrogance and speed of NWO agenda, but that cannot halt the collapse – just speed it up!
      If you want link to the other stuff that I have been working on over the last year or so let me know and I will send link via chat.

  4. Hermann says:

    Here comes the 5 week chart of GBP USD.

    • Gleb says:

      Since the high of 13048 established on Thursday May 18th, we have declined into a low at 12691 created on Thursday June 15th overall for 20 days electing in the process 3 Daily Bearish Reversals. We need to focus on support at 12470. If that level is breached on a closing basis from here, then that high should stand for a while. Electing the Weekly and Monthly Bearish Reversals from that same event will confirm a retest of the major long-term underlying support.

      Consequently, this market has bounced from that low established yesterday, Thursday June 15th. We have not elected any Daily Bullish Reversals whatsoever.

  5. Hermann says:

    It would be lame to not give a outlook at GBP USD on the election day in UK.
    So here it is. I see some more upside action for the GBP to the 1,34 area.

    The wave structure is seen in the simple way on the 5 week or monthly chart.
    Easy to see the prolonged 3. wave, with wave 1. not going over the last high in bigger fractal. What a classical big theme. So the Wave is getting longer. From counting and measuring, i see a very short 4. wave only going exactly to the first parallel.

  6. Hermann says:

    For EUR- USD
    I see one more high for the EUR. But this should only be a technical reaction high hitting the upper trend line at about 1,14.
    So i see much more downside for the EUR on the long run.

    After BREXIT now the EZB is prolonging cheap money with the Fed tightening. Taking all the fake credit money from Feds balance sheet.
    But in this game only the first to tighten gets a chair.

    • Marc says:

      Great job guys…. well done! Yip Euro one more high ideal with good wave count 🙂
      Take the large downsloping fork and slide it up to bottom pivot of bigger upsloping. Then and the MLU will give max time price for the top in Euro, making pivot -4.

      I am neatly ready to launch my new project – let me know if you want the link. Then I should be able to spend a little more time on here again.

  7. Hermann says:

    Election day . We have a mixed bag of indicators from charts.
    Gold is on the way down, but miners recover fast and some even close with a gain.
    Eur Hit hard at the upper triangle line falling, but taking ground now for today.
    GBP the same for today . Got hit and recovers.
    DOW is up but until now does not come out of downtrend. Oil the same, just at the edge of trend break. But both like to reverse just before you see trend change.

    So the people see election process going more in direction of The Donald.
    But unluckly the people that vote decide not so much as the people that count the votes.

    From chart picture both candidates have still chances with slidly more to Trump, despite the early drop today. The emails are now not so relevant that short for closing of race. More relevant is that The Donald still has little support inside of government institutions. Perhpaps little will be enough to get in but fraud is the real issue here.

    Perhaps someone can give hint of the mind of the people today. Anybody out there in the big USA?

  8. Hermann says:

    GBP- USD has now a clearer wave structure to me.
    The flash crash appears as a W-3 And now we are on our way up with confirmation.
    The amplitude changes are not so severe than in EUR – USD.
    So i think now the risk is lower here.

    • Gleb says:

      Consequently, British Pound Spot has bounced from that low established during October 2016 for 2 months creating a reaction high at 12775 during December 2016 failing to exceed the previous high. We have not elected any Monthly Bullish Reversals so we need to focus on 12954 as closing resistance. A closing above this will show some strength. Ultimately, a Monthly Closing above 15660 will signal a move to the upside is likely.

  9. Hermann says:

    Now Euro wants to break out of the great triangle.
    But i think the move up is nearly done and EUR will not make it, just now.
    In 30 min Yellen might give hint, that she wants to raise rates in December like last year .
    But the chart shows it is unlike that she really will do that.

    Trump has momentum by now and it seems to influence the pre election charts.
    If he is elected (counting people, FBI and machines decide) than for the security leak Hillary Clinton represents. Giving the response time to the public on 3. live debate was just to much. That was a major Top Secret issue, not the emails. To parts of the machine she is now a security risk.
    Trump would most likely influence the FED not to hike rates, before he gains momentum in recover the economy and reduce debt. This from his former speeches.
    So that would mean no rate hike for years. This could sent the EUR up again.
    By the way Hillary would also prefer low rates, but perhaps one hike in December could than happen.

  10. Hermann says:

    But as i zoomed in further to the m fractal, the straight down move became a wave pattern to count. So i tried. Seems to me pretty much a issue to find the correct scaling in the move be it time or price.
    So after we hit the upper triangle line it now could go to the lower line after the last prolonging two wave failures. Perhaps after that another test of the upper line or breakout.
    So a cautiones investor simply would wait for the breakout to one side or another.But the wave should give a severe power move after that, so then time could be very limited.
    This is a one to two year forecast for the bounce.

  11. Hermann says:

    As we zoom in we see a nearly waterfall event unfolding. So counting is difficult, and i made mistakes, with the waves getting longer after wave failures.

  12. Hermann says:

    I give again the great picture for EUR – USD since we reach now the target zone.
    The triangles are clearly seen and give room for the bounce of the EUR till 1,20- 1,30 zone.
    But the wave down is not complete yet.

  13. Hermann says:

    Today GBP – USD likes it dramatic.
    Coming to 0.0001 to the m-4 pivot only to fail and reverse. That seemed to me like a good chance, even with the possibility of bad measurement, because of the stop just above the pivot.
    The same action in lower fractals too today. But it tests the upside pivots a little bit too hard, so perhaps that book win might be gone over night.
    Hope this dead horse rides over the canyon just without me for the day.

  14. Hermann says:

    My count for GBP – USD is still not so good. I am not accomodated to this market.
    But as i see a triangle nearly complete, i try my best here. Here a subwave seems to come in trying to alter trend.
    Good chance for another lower low, i think. But then the power of the Brexit move down should be gone for a while.

    • Marc says:

      It looks like a temporary pause in a 5 odd year decent.
      The pound needs to make a new all time low to complete 5 waves down….. the triangle shows that to be by 2022 so another 5 years of drifting down.

      • Hermann says:

        Marc, your forecast of a all time low in about 5 years seems to break the yearly support line. We discussed the influence of big decisions on the wave patterns. I think we agree that on the long run if the British stay with the Brexit this would be good for that country creating a renewed strength.
        A break of the yearly support line spells desaster and ruins.
        I prefered to let the alternative of a -3 wave circle a minority chance in counting here for the good decision taken. Also a quick hard wash out low at the support line remains a possibility with a hard Brexit.
        On all other aspects great respect for your big picture as chart art work!

        One technical question. You label the last wave pattern as a centi wave. Why that, i have that as a Daily wave, so why 2 fractals diffrence in counting? I know the forks are hanging a bit, but where is the space till support line for the d and D waves down? I would not give big chances for a D-1 to break yearly support line? Especially as this would be a great contrast to the last decision of Brexit, that seems to give some live back into this country.

  15. Hermann says:

    Thanks Marc for your comments, that i just saw.

    I just saw a little triangle in the bigger triangle. And the wave action just now looks very interesting.
    Will take a closer look soon.

    • Marc says:


      Start looking at the triangles – turning point or pivots are cyclical events. Without knowing the fractals trend lines could be median lines or parallels.


      Well Done 🙂

  16. Hermann says:

    Made some big changes in my fractal scale count for EUR USD.
    I see a big triangle forming here, so a building of energy of the wave for a severe move. Therefore the wave scale is changing for the subwave under the wave.

    My wave scale may still be wrong, can be even more within the mini wave scales. For the big picture may God be my judge, since it will take a long time to confirm.
    Seems to me a key for other markets to get this one right in understanding the wave formation, since the move out of the triangle will be quite big.

    • Marc says:


      Start looking at the triangles – turning point or pivots are cyclical events. Without knowing the fractals trend lines could be median lines or parallels.


      Well Done 🙂

    • Marc says:


      On the big picture count I have the same to the top. If you have come up with this independently that is FANTASTIC!!! EURO

      From the top I had monthly as you have shown but think it may be weekly i.e. everything one fractal smaller, but as you say it is going to take a long time before we know

      The main thing is either way we agree we are in the 5th wave down and are in wave 4 of ONE fractal smaller hence to complete the wave we NEED ANOTHER LOW.

      The trend lines you have shown do this. On the smaller intervals it show something by end of October there is a decision point, followed by the next towards the end of January

  17. Jay says:

    USDJPY struggling to get through the median line. Looks to me that the low was set this morning and if we do not break it, up it should go.
    Is there anyone follwing this trade caring to comment?

  18. Hermann says:

    Ok that proved to be wrong very fast.
    Price action shows that this is a -1 of a -3 of a -5 wave. So that will turn out exact the opposite way i thought.

    Educational money, typically for the start to a market trading.

  19. Hermann says:

    It seems to me now, that GBP-USD is on a +4 pivot now. So i am now in GBP. Stop loss is 1.3055, so not much room to the downside left to generate losses.
    Naturally this is a counter indicator to a rate hike on Tuesday, if that pivot holds. But i must not trade my guesses but the chart and the pivots. So in this trade.

  20. Hermann says:

    I just saw that we have now a wave failure confirmed with a 1-2-3 down wave for the GBP against USD.
    This is highly bullish for GBP.
    I try to figure this out, but for the fractals Marc is much more in the GBP count.

    Either way seems to me to be a still tradeable medium term move.

  21. Jay says:

    I will post my updated USD.JPY chart here. Note the inverted correlation with the gold price in USD caused by the hedging trades of the algos.
    Still an experiment so comments appreciated. Thx,

  22. Hermann says:

    In my last post i obvious had a to early Daily pivot. Like often amplitudes change at the end of a move.
    Still D is not in i guess.
    I followed Eur / USD to the micro (2min) Fractal.
    Last wave up to the 1,1387 Zone. Here big match with MLs from higher fractals.
    So have fun with it.

    As i see USD – Jpy is giving the same way, but here i do not know the fractal wave.

  23. Hermann says:

    No better place left to point on the EUR USD so i do it here.
    In this case multiple fractals are pointing clearly to the target and time area of this Daily high. A little spike high is possible, but time window is closing now. If it will happen, then today or downstairs with FED speech.

  24. Lanai says:

    Thank You Marc for all you have done and taught me. Looking forward to more teachings. Take care!

  25. Marc says:

    The Currencies are forming subwaves and we should see narrowing price extremes until after BREXIT!!!!

  26. Joel Kamor says:

    Great analysis Ty Marc

  27. Thanks Marc, have a good day.

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