Euro WC 16May

The Euro has broken support and can be expected to drop by the end of the month to between 1.11 and 1.104

Euro 16 May

Is is possible to retest the high by end of June, however it strongly looks like we off to the lower QMLL as previously detailed in the big picture.

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  1. Gleb says:

    Good morning everyone, just got back from Gili trawangan , 38 hours of travel. Yes it is looks like a down trend forming, but i have a sniky feelings we not just go down but will test a former high or at very least we try , and that way we are in line with time as time have more value than the price, plus majority have to be wrong. I just have a greatest lesson in oil , ???? but usually we have to wash weak hands on both side of the fence . Please feel free to comment on this, but that just my opinion and reading this chart, plus indexes will make a low and lot of bears jump this wagon.Meanwhile they turn around and runn up to weekly reversal

  2. Joel Kamor says:

    Excellent Marc, much thanks

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