Euro 2017

The Euro has run into resistance and faces cyclical and pivotal resistance from 1.14 to 1.15. It needs to make one more high before the collapse starts and the looks like will result from the German elections going the NWO way!

Looking in more detail the Euro should retrace to the sky blue dotted MLL before it continues up to the final high which is projected to be in by late August / early September around a max of 1.149

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  1. Hermann says:

    So far it looks like the EUR uprise is at an end now. It is still not confirmed, but the wave building to the downside shows weakness now.
    The high was not exactly at the election, but the downwave started in that days of seeing the obvious.
    For the great picture big thanks to Marc.

  2. Hermann says:

    Marc, your 24.09.2017 date for the high has not only the German elections on it. Some days before is the next FED announcement. As far i can see, traders do not believe that the FED really begins to shrink its balance sheet. So if they do ramp a plan in September as they put in front of us, it will come as a ,,surprise” for the traders.
    I do not see much change through the elections here in Germany. The only real opposition is the AFD. Mainstreammedia had 4 more years to daemonize this party. From reactions i can tell that propaganda worked very well with the youth. The old people are not so used to the internet like in USA. The boom began to late here in Germany. So most people here are uninformed and still stuck by propaganda. Also open fraud will likely be used if AFD has ,,too good” resultats. Sadly to say that there were some not so good decisions in the AFD bringing a bad picture on the party without necessarity. Would be a good surprise for me to see that many people do not say anything but vote for AFD, perhaps the many ones who were confronted themselves with a growing violence and seeing next day nothing of it in newspapers.

    Plus there is a big conjunction in the stars some days in front of the election. Astrology is something that i see as one of the view systems that works to foresee some market changes. You had also one article about lunar cycle and stock market behaviour on your old website, Marc.

    So over all at least this date in late September is an attractor.

    • Marc says:

      Will post tomorrow once month closed.
      I did not realise Merkel never had even 40% of the vote!!!!

      The more I read on the Hermatica and electric universe the more I see the interactions and as you say later in the year we have some intersecting conjunctions!
      This year 2017 =1, September =9 so that also reduces back to 1 this year…..

  3. Hermann says:

    Thank you very much Marc
    I totally agree with the extended +5 wave, that tends to subdivide often in this case.

    To see the Jan 2017 low in EUR as a weekly pivot would bring more sense, as it would mean not so long uptrend.
    But the problem with this count is, that it seems to violate your rules Marc.
    Our for us infamous Dezember low 2015 was 0,005 EUR higher than the Sept. 2015 low. I tend to interpret your rules more strictly than you Marc, but that should be out of tolerance. Also the candle and shadow of Sept. 2015 low are on a weekly level lower than that of Dec.2017 low.

    The next problem i see is the beginning of uptrend with a i suppose daily. (have some problem with the colors of your new chart program). Coming from your chart you have the same -4 daily at May 2016. The fork points to one lower fractal for the beginning of uptrend. Obvious my chart was wrong here with centi wave. I corrected it to deci wave. Daily would make more sense, like you have, but why should a wave contract on beginning of such a big trend changer like weekly or quarterly pivot? Perhaps in front of the coming of a flash wave with huge amplitude, for that a wave failure would also be a frontrunner.

    So from a fundamental sense and timing i would tend to your chart. But it seems to be outside your rules setting.
    Are there some other rules i does not see here?

  4. Hermann says:

    So long the hurra is impressive in EUR.
    We now have a confirmed quarterly pivot with breach of weekly pivot.
    The wave is still not finished. It left the channel to the upside, but until now only in a small way. Perhaps next days we may see a spike high. But wave is flickering again, could be the end at any time.

    The wave pattern is quite new for me with daily and weekly fork almost meeting.
    My best guess is that this means volatility ahead.
    The bigger uptrend wave target should be 1,25 – 1,30 area, after some technical decline.
    I understand nothing of that. At some point Draghi might even consider to make even more buying in the market to bring the EUR down. On medium term to long run this situation is katastrophal to the EU. Only bad news out here in Europe. This will give the sling shot Marthy is waitin for.
    But the timing is so short. The downtrend is not far away and things are so wrongly measured that i can not believe this to last for years.
    So this chart really gives me headaches.

    Perhaps Marc see this better.

  5. Hermann says:

    Missed the pivot trade at 1,1712. Hope someone made it in time.
    The count is not all clear if this was the final high. Tomorrow we see.
    If 1,1714 is breached could take out stops with spike high and down after FED.

    FED and numbers after that should bring the turn down for EUR. For a break out it is simply to overbought and on wrong interpretation of situation.

    So it seems to me that this is the high or tomorrow a last hurrajh and then technical turn down.

  6. Hermann says:

    Here is the count for EUR USD.
    Either we made quarterly pivot down at 1,03. That would be very disturbing for me. Because it makes no sense what so ever from a fundamental approach.

    Or the -3 weekly wave prolonged itself and 1,03 was only a Daily pivot. This way 1,17 would still be a valid pivot. If that is breached than only the count above can still be.
    If anyone has alternatives i beg for it.

  7. Hermann says:

    This one was a loser for me. I traded against pivot and we got a wave failure to the upside.
    Bad luck this time. 20% chance used.
    Failure was this time to not take the extra security and trading against near pivot one fractal bigger at 1,1714.
    But ok that can happen.

    We have another uptrust left, from the latest count of the uptrust confirmed of the charts of gold and silver that move parallel at last.
    Fundamental this outbreak has no cause at all. Draghi did nothing to bring it up in his speech. Even the news mostly agreed. That is a sign of strenght from EURO. Simply because there was not enough backing for USD at that level.

    But the wave is nearly done, and the technicals are overbought for EUR on a weekly level now.
    The old master Marthy Armstrong has a turning point next week. He could be right this time.

    The flickering of the wave continued after it followed the downtrend to the last line of the fork that builds the trend channel. At that point it broke out to the upside with a clear wave pattern again. So strenght is renewed with the easy victory against the 1,1616 pivot, that was yearly high of 2016.

    Crazy, but the chart is always right.

  8. Hermann says:

    Still not the final high.
    All lines going to 1,16. Target time is next week. Should be downhill from August or break through. But 80% downside – 20% upside rule of Marc applys here.

    The reaction on the news is dead wrong. If Trump fails biggly the FED will hike rates too, because Yellen wants to put him down, before her term ends.
    Simple as that.

  9. Hermann says:

    Going in to detail. Hope that this fits.

  10. Hermann says:

    OK we got the higher high. From a wave count perspective it should have another higher high, possible extreme going up all the way to 1,16. We had a long +1 wave in this last +5. For that it should not take too long. Volatility is in here so the price can reverse quickly downhill for long.
    I do not want to talk someone in the upside train.
    This should be soon over now.
    At some point a wave failure gets likely. Without fake news i see no point in getting another high in the Euro.
    Interesting how the testimony was been sold in the news.
    Yellen even said, that she wants to raise rates above the levels before 2008. WOW. Thats 5% effective, so a range of 7- 10%. In the chart this was -3 of i consider +4 of the last raise up.
    Almost all media talked she said only a few rate hikes left, etc. This is fake news, do not believe this promoters in the news is more fake than news. Better read or hear yourself.

  11. Hermann says:

    Yes target area is reached. But i count only a +3 of the +5 wave up. So i expect one more high.
    That should not be relevant, because we have the daily and weekly pivot in the 1,16 – 1,17 area with heavy resistance. If this would break than the forecast would be wrong.

    Fundamental spoken from inside the Eurp zone this rally is nonsense.To believe an Italian banker is a little naive. Draghi is speaking hot air.
    Had personal an experience whats really going on. A relative wanted to borrow money from friends. The bank wanted to only give 500€ a day, but the account had a deposit of about 15000€. It was a local bank that should be more trustworthy, than Slumlords like Deutsche Bank. But it refused to give the sum of 1500€. What a joke.
    Another relative took money from a deposit of +100.000€. After taking 500€ per day four times the machine refused on the 5. day to give the 500€. Had to wait 2 days before newly 500€ going out of the system. Also at a local bank.
    Thats the worth of the Euro and its financial system. They are broke!
    So this Euro rally is really
    This way the Fed has it a lot easier to shrink its balance and make another rate hike.
    On the other hand we have signs of a slowing economy. All central banks want to follow the fed but its already to late. If i were Yellen i would take that gift and hiking and shrinking, so all other central banks stay as idiots taking the US debt with the FED the last man standing in the house of cards.

  12. Marc says:

    OK just saw yesterday hit cycle line so looks like downhill now with some -1 -2 triangle subwaves leading upto german election.

    Count looks clean on all 3 fractals from December low.

  13. Gleb says:

    Marc , sorry for miss spelling

    • Marc says:

      There are the daily and deci cyclical line first (in detailed top of arrow), then on bigger fractal next comes the weekly (red), quarterly (gold) and finally monthly (yellow).
      I wold be extremely surprised but remember if short those are all good exit points if on the wrong side!
      Also note the pivot levels – I have only drawn horizontal lines and this program is difficult with labels! These are basically Martins bullish and bearish reversals, but I use actual high and low pivots and he picks high closes as his reversals most of the time. These I have always called pivotal resistance.

  14. Gleb says:

    Mark i think we have a good chance to touch yellow line in mid 1.25 area

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