Australian Dollar

2016 Yearly outlook Bearish : Wave count on yearly  interval cannot be determined and both bullish and bearish counts are shown - insufficient data. This is a very long term issue and is irrelevant unless you want to buy a house or invest in a business! The multi generational trend will only be known when either the Y down sloping MLU, or the up sloping Y MFML to Q1 MLL is broken to test  the bear confirmation at 0.478 . This could take to 2033!

AUD Y 2016

Support stands at 0.671 / 0.636 / 0.608 / 0.575     Resistance starts at 0.767 / 0.789 / 0.846

Ideal wave bottom is shown and projected for 2017 at 0.555.

Quarterly Outlook Q1 and Q2 2016.... working on it 🙂

3 Responses to Australian Dollar

  1. Jamie says:

    Marc, would love to see you do the CAD as well just to see if it correlates to the AUD in terms of an ideal bottom.

    Obviously all commodity currencies came roaring back but I wanted to see if this looks temporary or if we are looking at another leg down again.

  2. Laurent says:

    Thanks for this outlook Marc, since cash is one good option at this time, could you do the same analysis for USD index or any other currency that could be a safe bet ?

    • Marc says:

      I started USD but got diverted into GBP for historical context.
      I need to see if I have the historical context saved anywhere – a couple years ago it all crashed and I could not reinstall 🙁 and need to get it back upto date!

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