2018 – Dollar, Yearly and Quarterly

Yearly cyclical support  87.11, resistance 101.80

Pivotal support 89.62, resistance 103.82

Q2 - as at 9 May 2018

Q1 closed above Y support of 89.62 after penetrating Q pivotal support at 88.70.

Q2 has shown strength and has broken through pivotal resistance at 91.91 as well as 92.63.

Provided Q3 opens above 92.63 there is a gap over the next few quarters to light resistance at 100.39 and 100.51 before hitting yearly resistance at 101.80.

Monthly May

April closed around Q resistance of 91.91 and broke through weak Q resistance of 92.63, leaving a gap on the monthly level to M resistance at 95.14.

2 Responses to 2018 – Dollar, Yearly and Quarterly

  1. Jay says:

    Thank you for the update Marc!
    Good to have you back.
    Hope you are well.

    Kindest regards,


    • Marc says:

      All good Jay, Have just been working on some other stuff in relation to Equity and Law….. if you interested in that sort of stuff….

      Also I am trying to do one in particular so that people can get to understand who and what they are so that they have the confidence to challenge authority.
      The concept is to make a global model where there is a scientific approach of debate and rebuttal of claims in order to establish limits of authority between the grantors of global resources (all living humans), and the trustees (some of the living humans) who have a conflict of interest as they can offer rights and privileges by making laws to benefit the few instead of all equally. It establishes money is no more than an accounting unit for your labour and that is all there is to trade as we are all equal shareholders in global resources!!!
      I am trying to get the debating software sorted as then on a point by point basis a constitution can be made for any society however large or small where those governing are constrained by the members who always must keep justice out of the hands of those governing. That is the only way a balance will work between those governing and the governed!!!!!
      Additionally it will allow public notices where members have the rules (laws) and they can be debated and updated as is necessary!!!!

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