US Indices WC 6 June – BREXIT high followed by European sigh of relief – managed to kick can a bit further!

BREXIT will fail - Britian will fall with Europe.

Quick look at US indices....   The breakout is not here yet.......

We going to start to look for how to determine the breakout and which lines are important. To breakout there must be energy which normally is derived from subwaves - but due to the volatility and the recent wave failures DO NOT TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED.LOOK FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF 4P ML's - the higher they go the higher the top will be!

On the count, with the exception of Nasdaq which I believe is one fractal smaller than the rest the principle of the count is the same and are shown on the charts. The DOW is one fractal further in the wave formation since the high in 2015 (typo had 2014!!!).

Wiltshire 5000. Coming up to W1. Until the high is made the gold MLU is the best information for the breakout.

W5000 W6June

NYA Coming upto  W1 - test 1 of MLU

NYA W 6 June

Nasdaq One fractal smaller than rest of indices hence making D1. Best present breakout line test 2...

Comp WC 6June

Russel Coming up to W1.  No breakout guidance but remember this one is most volatile.....

Russel WC 6 June

S&P Coming upto W1. NOW LOOK AT THE MLU - 3rd test........ but this one has the QMLU above as well.

SPX WC 6 June

And finally the DOW. In all likelyhood it has made D1, and already in downtrend to make d-2. This will continue the confusion and battle of bulls and bears going! This is the first REAL challenge to breakout against the MLU.

DOW WC 6 June

The Q MLU is a serious resistance area - do not expect the breakout to just pop through and run away! Look for close or opens above here on monthly interval. Look for challenges on monthly intervals to count the challenges. AS A MINIMUM WEEKLY.

So from  timing look at the intersections of the M234ML's and these Q MLU's...... it looks like this can still play out DOW  Q1 2017, SPX Q2 2017, Russel Q2 2018 (remember this is volatile one......), Nasdaq Q2 2017, NYA Q2 2017 and W5000 Q3 2017.

Breakout does not preclude new ATH - that is just fractal confirmation.

So it looks like next year Europe is going to fall apart on a much more visible fashion which will get those heads that are still buried in sand taking them out.


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  1. Marc says:

    Hermann just have a look at this count.
    Looks like we are in D4 as opposed W4 as you have shown.
    Looks like down to at least 17500 and even 17300 into December.

  2. Hermann says:

    This does not look good for the DOW. No more kicking the can down the road i assume.
    FED Friday should be a day of seeing reality with serious down action after that.
    Only thing is i have not managed to get a way for me that is profitable to step on the downtrend.
    The stocks in DOW almost all have no good wave structure for me to follow and i do not like ETF.

    Has someone a clue?

  3. Hermann says:

    Showdown with the DOW! Is there another high, or will a hawkish FED ring the bell for the downtrend today?

  4. Hermann says:

    Thank you very much Marc for the second possible count here in DOW. Indeed we will not know for sure for some time, if this bull market is soon over for a long time or if the ,,Martin Armstrong” version is correct with much higher highs in the future.
    The ML of both versions are pretty much the same and both versions do not come with perfect wave structure. What can be done is checking the related indices. Of course they will not go the same way all the time. But the difference here is a huge one in the long run, so i think this is the best way to sort the noise here.
    Of course that is a time consuming way to sort out the noise here.

    Siu Tsang i think i answered part of your question. I can only say use the combined technics Marc found from nature and the great ones before and created as genius.
    As you find or begin with correct pivots in a market all will become easier. And possibly the most important is living the count and translate it to your life in diffrent situations. If you manage the transfer learning blocks from trying too much will not last long. Of course you need to count and draw charts regularly.

  5. Siu Tsang says:

    Herman & Marc,

    Thank you very much for sharing your insightful charts and comments; especially helpful are the pivot points. They accelerate my learning progress (still a long way for me to catch up). My questions. How to separate the real trends from the false trends (i.e. noise)? What criteria or method to use to identify and filter them out as early as possible? Greatly appreciate your feedback in advance.


  6. Hermann says:

    Since the long term shows that prices will not rocket to the sky without a bounce to the downside first, i tried to get into details.

    So i see that we are in a W+5 and D+5 to make pivot M+3. But since we just made the ML for M+3 i would hihgly appreciate if Marc and the others can do their own counting to check for the high. The counting was not so easy and we better stay on the correct side this time.

    If the pivots are correct in the main course, than we should get a M+3 high in August and a very tradeable M+4 wave after that. From a timing perspective i would say that the FED will do some hiking at last next time and some guys will know that before so the prices may top out some time before. I think that timing will be good for a gold W+4 pivot too. I expect very bad news after that so that the DOW will make the needed M+4 after that and Gold the W+5 high for panic. After that we should get some strange things from what side ever that makes the DOW raising fast and Gold going down the same time. Now slowly things get connected together and the scene of the theater comes nearer. Let us be prepared and discuss this, also in the forum.

  7. Hermann says:

    As i looked about the DOW i got a little brain wave for counting. First i took a longer term view, here all credits to Marc, i numbered the first 4 pivots only from Marcs long term DOW chart, since the has the long time data base from Martin Armstrong, i think and done all the wave counts.

    • Marc says:

      I would agree now had the low been half an amplitude – i.e. to the bold dashed orange ML is where I would have expected it ideally.
      This is valid and the longest bull market. We will not get this confirmation for a few years yet.

  8. Marc says:

    Looks like we ready for a retest of last weeks high moving into BREXIT. Futures are finding support.

  9. joe latti says:

    @marc and rest of board I agree that the Brexit will fail. I believe this should send capital back into Europe momentarily as some will say @the storm has passed”. We know that to not be true but short term that may lead to a drop in us equities

    @marc what are your thoughts on how the vote will effect both European and us equities. Both with a yes or no Brexit vote

    • Marc says:

      Sigh of relief from Europe so pause and take stock. Money that has migrated to UK on back of Exit will rapidly move back out and suspect that will be first wave to US. Those that suspect Stay has already moved to US and is moving into gold. Might get small failed breakout in US but then we should correct into Q3. as people are lured into next false sense of security! Santa rally with lower highs, higher lows rinse and repeat until breakout next year by Q3 most likely.

      If exit wins GBP up, UK up, Euro down, Europe down and they piss around until they can bullshit some confidence to cause bounce in Q4
      I have not looked at European indexes for a while – maybe I will do a bit of an update like this one

  10. joe latti says:

    @marc ty for
    Your response so just a downward trend?

  11. joe latti says:

    @marc so you see the Dow moving to new ATH but then reversing course downward towards D2?

    Or Dow already in downtrend towards d2??

    • Marc says:

      No new ATH until next year.
      I dont think it will make a high above Aprils sideways with higher highs.

      • Gleb says:

        Hi Marc, base on charts above specially s&p and dow range is on DOW JONES 17000 to 18743.11 and S&P 1900-1925 to 2150-2178.10 normal trading range which only tell us we shouldn’t be to excited just yet. Many thanks for your help and advice

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