SPX M October 2014

It has been rather a long while since this has been updated, however as with all good things it should not need updating if the projections are good! Prices have actually broken out of the MLU shown and hence we have 2 viable channels which are discussed below.

Firstly prices are still within M012 channel fork as shown and with the completion of pivot W4 the ideal wave projection for M3 is mid 2015 around 2150. You can see how prices are bouncing between the 2002Q34MLU and the YML and once they break clear of the later expect a rapid rise to M3. If you look at gold and silver they have been doing the same except in their correction so to the down side!

US SPX M012 targetM3

There are now 2 possible channels for this leg up, with the pessimistic MF channel shown first.

US SPX M channel

As Prices have broken out of the most likely channel and hence are expected to continue to the MF breakout MLU by mid 2016 around 2550 to make pivot M3

US SPX M Breakout channel


April 2013

Off the 2009 bottom you can see the current MF trend channel.I US SPX M trend channelW1 exceeded the ML and W2 turned on MF012 to W1 SP. Below MF012 shows prices are still below the ML. They should work their way to the MLU, however above you can see they reverted when the hit MF012 UIP (upper inner parallel) after completing a wave cycle from MF012 LIP, so here it looks like D3 has been made – however that needs to be confirmed on smaller tick scales.I US M SPX M012

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