SPX d3 – d2 Target and c1 target – Bullish once base built

Looks like sell the news from Europe??? No idea because I dont follow news but Euro at 9 year low so should get a bounce!

d3/D3/W5 is nearly underway and d2 is being made - building base, with a low around 2020 within the next 2 days.

Screenshot 2015-01-05 21.59.51

This gives c1 target just above 2105 early target 12 January, and late target of 23 January of 2115 shown below.

SPX c1d3D3 target

Sorry life still hectic - Kate's mum not well so I need to extend boat visa in Thailand and will hopefully get back to UK by end of week end 🙁

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  1. Bill C says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Thoughts go out to you and your family.
    Thanks for the update. Like the count, but little concerned with breach of daily lower channel line D012 MLL.
    Also, seems like -c2 is a little small in comparison to -c4. Was thinking rally from 2058 to 2072 (14 points) fits a little better for -c2.
    When considering OEW, this could get one more low before it’s done. That would give a nice double 3 pattern for d2 (OEW Minute-ii)
    Although this is not mandatory. Could be a slight failure or just a complex abA-B-C if it holds.

    • Marc says:

      Thanks. Bill.

      Base is building so worst case lower bold purple MLL – I have some calls which will hopefully get filled….
      Prices just broke potential channel MLL – hence they are not correct and will be redrawn! Drawn c channel

      • Marc says:

        d2 was finally made on W234ML. With base building it is difficult to confirm bottoms like this as there are a number of ideal wave targets based on wave scales.
        As discussed on Skype with some – what you do is add positions as prices build the base and you have clear stop losses to exit!

        The bounce was strong as expected – remember we are on the verge of a breakout which means prices will make an equal move W3 to W4 to the upside – that is what a break out is! – W3 in this case is the ML and W4 the MLL and W5 will become the breakout MLU.

        Ad we are in wave d3 I will rename this page d2 and move it into D3, and post new d3 with targets.

        • Bill C says:

          Thanks Marc, very nice!
          Noticed too that W234ML was tested and held. Mentioned it in OEW private forum at the time.
          Didn’t immediately recognize significance that it was next best spot for d2 after break of D012MLL.
          Chalk it up to MAP learning experience =)
          Got extra wave down to 1992 anticipated by OEW wave count, but it ended on an ambiguous point (9 small OEW waves). That added to my confusion about possible d2 ending and was thinking it may have further downside to come after rally off 1992.
          For MAP waves, seems like count would shift -c2 and -c4 down to 2062 and 2030 respectively though. But guess that’s a not critical detail.

          • Marc says:

            Was talking with M. on skype – basically if not clear subwave structure each cycle fork line will cause a reaction – and to trade these you scale into / out of postions and if not all filled then you know when to add rest, and where your stops are.

            As you say this one pretty much academic now – just going to post new d3 and call this one d2

            The whole setup is so obviously leading to a breakout on a pretty big scale this year!

            BTW Bill – where are you based?

            Are any of you in UK as gonna be there for a few more weeks?

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