SPX d1/D3/W5/Q5/Y5 – Topping

We are currently in m4 of c3 of d1, and the wave is topping with a high for d1 in the range of 2110 to 2117, with year ending in new ATH, before a further pullback before completing d1 end of first week or early second week of January.

SPX c3d1D3W3M3

4 Responses to SPX d1/D3/W5/Q5/Y5 – Topping

  1. Marc says:

    d1 is confirmed and looks like d2 is complete, on . Failure here should give a low on the 6th of 2034 to complete d2.

  2. Marc says:

    Count has clarified a bit and D shows also wave c3 not complete.
    Targets shown for each wave scale.

  3. Enzo says:

    ciao Mark want to ask what are the green and orange line zig zag on the 60 minutes chart ? thank you

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