SPX D3/W5/M3/Q5/Y5 Breakout energy building -Bullish – c1/d3 underway

I am sure many of you have already seen the triangle..... It is as usual a series of 1/2 subwaves! So far D, d and c1 in progress, and should retest 2100 / ATH  The more subwaves form the stronger and longer the breakout will be - expect a reaction from W3 equal to W4 to the upside breakout 🙂 - patience - looks like end of Q1 / Early Q2 if it is going to be in D3, which is looking likely, and as previously stated will be much like 2013!

Note new D & d channels. Note W breakout channel, as well as M/W/D breakout lines.

SPX c1ofd3ofD3ofW5ofM3


5Jan15  SPX D3/W5/M3/Q5/Y5 Bullish - potential breakout once c2 complete.

I should be back on line regularly until end of January.

Pivot D2 has been confirmed with yesterdays new high

Labels have been added to the chart as a key to cut down on number of charts to show individual Lines of MAP forks.


Prices have worked there way back above the D012ML and target area for d1 is shown, and is projected to test 2100 by the end of this week on the d Channel MLL intersection with the daily and weekly breakout ML's, but could run to 21 January in the blue oval, before retracing to the D012MLSP shown. It is expected that further wave subdivision will occur within the D channel to provide energy required by end of Q1 for the breakout if it is to be in wave D3, otherwise later in the year in wave D5.

2 Responses to SPX D3/W5/M3/Q5/Y5 Breakout energy building -Bullish – c1/d3 underway

  1. Marc says:

    In all likely hood as the hourly tick chart shows 5 waves down, we are in wave d3 with d2 being made on the D012MLSP shown above.
    This gives us a target of just above 2100 by the 15th January.

  2. Bill C says:

    Nice chart and update Marc!
    Really looks good now, or maybe I’m just beginning to understand it better =)
    Was able to track exact same D012 fork. Thought reversal at 1973 was early warning signal that D2 was in, since it bounced nicely off the W234ML, so began tracking D012 from that point.
    Please clarify the tentative d-channel (deci) that you have drawn.
    Looks like it connects top of last rally high from D2 (2017) with recent rally high (2071), then draws parallel from low (1973). Is that correct?
    Also, looks like your carrying a similar channel for daily, but using D0 and D2 to define bottom of that channel.
    I was tracking -3-4-5 fork channel drawn off the prior low instead. However, this one has broken down the last couple of days, so guess it was too steep for d (deci) projection.
    Trying to understand best method for establishing early channel projection for d1 of D3.
    Happy Holiday to you and your family!

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