SPX – S&P 500 – 16 December 2012

The DOW has the best long term data and so is the basis of my assumption that we are not yet at the peak of the 300ish year cycle which as my post on the DAX shows due to the fractal nature of waves is not possible to be a yearly pivot, and hence the 2007 top has been reduced 1 fractal wave scale to Q3 in line with the DOW. This will not be confirmed for many years to come so is largely irrelevant to the next few years.

Hopefully in this new format you will start to see how fractal waves are time warped as described in MAP Wave Analysis Part 6 - Understanding Fractal Waves and Time Warp.

Looking on a Yearly tick as far as I have data;

13 Y

Quarterly tick from the 2000 top;

13 Q

Monthly tick from the 2007 top;

13 M

Weekly tick from May 2011 top;

13 W


We will know tomorrow if this correction is over and if we getting a Santa Claus rally. On smaller tick levels this correction is near its end,  and I am anticipating new highs this week.



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