SPX Yearly – 2014 – Updated 15July

Monthly wave formation suggest we still have a long long way to go in this bull market!

Quarterly projections show a top between 2019 around 2600 and 2023 around 2900.

US SPX Yearly 20140715 2019 to 2023 top

I would strongly suggest you read the following if you want to know why!

US LONG TERM – Indices Context – 1790 to 11Dec12


September 2013

eSignal have extended their data dase so have shown Q123 based on DOW from 1900, assuming same count to 1974. Also shown is the current Q trend channel. I US SPX Y Q123

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Marc hope all is well with you and Kate and black dog. Hope your deck laying also goes as well as you wish. Thank you for the update. I see according to Tony Caldaro’s longer term charts he also indicates that we are in the Super Cyle 3 wave and my assumption is that the Super Cycle 3 wave will top when PV tops whereafter we will have a Super cycle 4 wave down and then a Super Cycle 5 wave which will probably align with what you are projecting for 2019? I downloaded a very interesting chart posted by Niels on the forum (not the public blog and perhaps you want to have a look at it. I am trying to work through it to see if it I can shout EUREKA!
    I will probably run out of life before 2019 but my son Jonny, who is now 43, will no doubt still be there. He is my trading partner and we have a lot of fun doing this together. He lives in cape Town and I live in St Lucia and we communicate via Skype. I am still trying to work out your system and I have a glimmer but nothing more. Stay well and my best to you.

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